‘Dear Zindagi’ will show mirror to your life

dear zindagi

Dear Zindagi CAST: Alia Bhatt, Shahrukh Khan, Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar, Angad Bedi
DIRECTOR: Gauri Shinde
GENRE: Drama
DURATION: 2hours 30minutes

‘Dear Zindagi’ will teach you to how to deal with your set of problems.

Dear Zindagi: Story 

Kaira (Alia Bhatt) is an impassioned cinematographer, her dream is to shoot a complete feature film. But she finds herself in a mess when she gets that chance. Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh) a renowned psychiatrist helps her to understand the mysteries of life.

Dear Zindagi: Review 

Gauri Shinde’s second film Dear Zindagi is once again a women-centric film just like her debut movie ‘English Vinglish’. The story of this film revolves around a girl Kaira, who is a cinematographer by profession and living a happy life with her bf Sid (Angad Bedi). Soon she gets a chance to shoot a complete film but the thing is that the co-producer of the film (Kunal Kapoor) is interested in her. Kiara also seems lean toward him and cheating on her bf Sid.

dear zindagi

we get to know that her life is full of troubles, just like ours. we can actually relate these parts of the film with ourselves as she wants to know why she is like this, she should not have ditched her bf. Now she is homeless as singles are not allowed at that place where she lives and even her relation with her parents is not so good so, she can’t go to them too. She becomes kind of depressed because of all these things.

Jehangir Khan (psychiatrist) a very charming man helps Kiara to know herself, to face her fears. This audience oriented movie is a smart move by Gauri Shinde, she has created a character whose problems are similar to us. Especially the youth of our country has so many such doubts in their minds so, this movie is surely going to touch their heart.

The only thing that will bother us is that the dialogues in the movie are full of cliches,

Genius wo nahi hota jiske pas sab sawal k jawab ho, genius wo hota h jinke pas us sawal tak pahuchne ka patience ho

I mean who the hell talks like this in real life. This movie lacks some edge, some more intensity.

Overall movies like this should be made more frequently as it will help to break stereotypes related mental illness. Go and watch this most refreshing movie of the year.

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