Deepika padukone Instagram followers spiked and beats Priyanka

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The rivalry between two of the biggest actress of Bollywood Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra isn’t hidden from any one of us. Obviously, both of them try to stay one step ahead of each other and it is very difficult for their fans to judge the better one of them. But social media is one platform where Deepika Padukone is racing way ahead PeeCee and has become the Social Media Queen.

Deepika Padukone instagram

The Padmavati actress has recently crossed the magical figures of 20 million followers on the Instagram. She thanked all her followers, fans and friends by posting a boomerang video of herself to express the gratitude for the love and support. While crossing these magical figures Deepika has also beaten all her contemporary actresses but most shockingly she has also managed to beat Priyanka Chopra who is way more active on social media platforms as compared to her. Priyanka has 19.8 million followers on the same platform as compared to Deepika’s 20 million.

Apart from Instagram, the actress has also won the battle on other social media like Facebook and Twitter. She has staggering 21.1 million followers on Twitter and 34,133,372 likes on Facebook as compared to Priyanka’s 20 million Twitter follower and 32,971,498 likes on Facebook.

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