How Dell Workstations helped bringing Antman and Wasp to Life

Dell Precision Work Stations
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Finally, Ant-Man and the Wasp is here and is here to take the audience in awe with its stunning special effects. No doubt, the movie, and its storyline were great, however, its special effects got the lion’s share of its popularity. And the credit ultimately goes to Dell Precision Workstations for these mind-blowing special effects.

Dell, a leading computer technology company in the World, has already worked with several movie studios. This time, they collaborated with Marvel. Ant-man and the Wasp required a lot of CGI actions and Dell Precision workstations did a great job doing that.

It took me by surprise to see how immaculately the movie captured even minuscule details. Like small dust particles are properly visible in the movie. And from my experience as a VFX professional, I know how much power it requires to edit such types of clips. The Ghost VFX is another strong point of the movie. Especially, the ability to phase through any object was indeed mesmerizing.

And undeniably, Dell Precision Workstations did a pretty great job to bring these effects to life.
The following workstations were used while editing the movie.

Dell Precision 7920 Tower

Dell Precision Work Stations

Dell Precision 7920 Rack

Dell Precision (3420 & 3620) Workstation

Dell Precision 5820 Tower

If you want to gain more insights into these machines, click the following links:

Dell and Marvel did an amazing job with Ant-Man and The Wasp. I hope their collaboration will soon bring us another great movie with outstanding VFX.

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