Google is about to discontinue its Google Now Launcher [Report]

Google Now Launcher

Google have two launchers which are available to download from Google Play, Google Now Launcher, and the new Pixel Launcher. You can download pixel launcher officially from play store unless you sideload it or you have Google Pixel. So, now we only have one option to enjoy Android Stock experience that is Google Now Launcher, but Google is about to discontinue it! Why? Take a Look

Google is planning to remove Now Launcher on March 1st that means 1st March Onwards no device will ship with Google Now launcher Pre-installed. The reason behind this is Google already provided the search libraries of the GNL to public, so now anyone can integrate Google Now with their Launchers. So just grab a Launcher3 from AOSP and start using Google Now with it, why GNL there is no use of it.

That may mean that Gooogle is thinking to provide Pixel Launcher to everyone not *Pixel Only*…Maybe???

Google Now Launcher

But how it affects you? technically it will not affect you, if you are using the Google Now Launcher you can use it after its deleted Google will update it through Google App but the problem is for OEMs they can’t ship any device with GNL installed, they have to find a way out of it. So nothing to worry about.

But what are your thoughts about this decision of Google? Do you think it’s right to remove Google Now Launcher? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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