DOCTOR STRANGE, Marvel’s strategy to change its image

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DOCTOR STRANGE CAST: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong
DIRECTION: Scott Derrickson
DURATION: 1 hour 55 minutes

‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ Marvel’s strategy to change its image and dominate the world.

STORY: Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon, his hands get severely fractured in a car accident.He desperately searches for a way to restore his hands but all conventional medicines fail to heal him. Despite failures, he never looses his hopes and one day he came to know about a hermit called the Ancient One who can cure any element. There he learns mystic and martial arts and the origin of Marvel’s new superhero begins.


REVIEW: This movie shows that Marvel has taken notice of fans complaints. Doctor Strange is a superhero film featuring the Marvel comic character of the same name. It will be the fourteenth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The overdose of the same story beats of superhero movies caused loss of interest among Marvel fans, but now finally Marvel has something new and refreshing for us. The director of this film is Scott Derrickson who is best known in Hollywood for directing horror movies, he has given many eye-popping scenes in the film.

Doctor Strange( Benedict Cumberbatch) is an arrogant and very rich neurosurgeon, he loses his hands in a deadly accident. In search some he comes to know about Ancient One who can cure anything through his Mystic powers. Strange reaches to Himalaya( the place where a hermit lives) in greed to get back his hands. But Ancient one refuses to help because of his selfishness. But he manages to impresses when he finds Ancient One’s disciple Baron Mordo, attempting to kill an old man. After a clash with Baron, he finds himself very selfless as neither he was able to face Baron nor take any help from Ancient One. After this, he selflessly accepts Ancient One’s offer to become his trainee. Ancient One gets very impressed through his hard work and devotion. Soon Strange becomes one of the biggest enemies of Baron.


After completing his training in mystic and martial arts, Strange returns to New york. Being Ancient One disciple he encounters other negative Mystical forces before meeting Dormammu, a warlord from “Dark Dimension”. Benedict Cumberbatch who is better known for his role in tv series ‘Sherlock’  has greatly impressed as Dr. Strange. He is the superhero with wit, earlier his character was compared with Tony Stark but it was a mere prediction and this Strange doctor is unique from all other superheroes.

But Cumberbatch is not the only reason to watch this movie as the mind-blowing visual effects and that too in 3d is another treat for the audience. The only thing that has bothered me throughout the movie is Mads Mikkelsen who is playing Kaecillius the villain of the movie. He is the leader of a group of rebel extremists. They want to unleash terrible mystic forces on earth. But like in every other Marvel movie where the villain is saved for a future sequel, and this problem persists in this movie too. His role is limited to runing here and there and wearing funny makeup.

Overall, Marvel has finally brought something new, and it is the beginning of its new era. This movie contains all spices to make this movie one of the biggest hit of Marvel series. Watch the movie and tell us your views in the comment section below.   Don’t forget to like and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

Hey there! its Amanpreet Singh (Author Tech) I a big fan of Marvel Movies, so I thought why not do a cameo in this post to provide you some more details about the movie and something about Future Movies, Take a look

There was a short end credit scene in which Thor comes to Dr. Strange to ask him to help to find Odin who went missing after Thor 2…So Thor and Loki both came to Earth, we don’t know why, but it will surely be meant for the upcoming Movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Doctor Strange will be in the movie along with Hulk (in Gladiator Outfit.*Awesome*)

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