Doctor Strange Trailer Breakdown

Doctor Strange

DOCTOR STRANGE the new character of marvel series, has been creating a lot of buzz among all the marvel fans and superhero film lovers. Everyone has been eagerly waiting for this movie since the release of the first trailer of Doctor Strange. We know that fans always seek for new updates, leaks, and spoilers of their favorite movies. So, here we bring all information about Dr. Strange, Trailer breakdown, and every other thing related to the movie.

Doctor Strange: Introduction

Doctor Strange is an upcoming superhero film featuring the Marvel comic character of the same name. It will be the fourteenth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The director of this film is Scott Derrickson. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, also known as Doctor Strange,he was a brilliant neurosurgeon, who cares only about wealth and power. However, his hands get severely fractured in a car accident. Now his hands tremble uncontrollably, and he has lost his ability to perform surgery.

Strange desperately searches for a way to restore his hands. One day he gets some information about a hermit called the Ancient One( who is actually the earth’s Sorcerer Supreme) who can cure any element. Strange reaches to Himalaya( the place where a hermit lives) in greed to get back his hands. But Ancient one refuses to help because of his selfishness. But he manages to impresses when he finds Ancient One’s disciple Baron Mordo, attempting to kill an old man. After a clash with Baron, he finds himself very selfless as neither he was able to face Baron nor take any help from Ancient One. After this, he selflessly accepts Ancient One’s offer to become his trainee. Ancient One gets very impressed through his hard work and devotion. Soon Strange becomes one of the biggest enemies of Baron.

After completing his training in mystic and martial arts, Strange returns to New york. Being Ancient One disciple he encounters other negative Mystical forces before meeting Dormammu, a warlord from “Dark Dimension”.

Doctor Strange: The Leads

Benedict Cumberbatch
Cumberbatch is an English actor and producer is going to play the lead role of DOCTOR STRANGE in the movie. He has beat out the likes of Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Phoenix for the titular role. Earlier he has been seen in films like “Star Trek into darkness
and some famous tv series like “Sherlock” .

Rachel McAdams
McAdams will play the female lead role in the movie. What role she will play is still not confirm, but according to sources she will play Clea, daughter of prince Orini. She becomes the pupil and later on the girlfriend of Strange after he takes on the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange: Supporting Cast

Tilda Swinton
Tilda will be playing the part of Ancient One, the mentor of Doctor Strange and a powerful Sorcerer. The interesting fact is that the character of Ancient One is a centuries-old Tibetan Male in the movie.

Doctor Strange: Villian

The name that has been suggested for the role of primary villain in the movie is Mads Mikkelsen. The Specifics about the character has not been revealed. But there has been speculations that he will play the role of the powerful mystical being, Dormammu.

Doctor Strange: Teaser Breakdown

The first teaser of Doctor Strange was released on 12th April 2016. Trailer reaction was amazing as finally, the fan get to see one of the most talk about the character of MARVEL “Doctor Strange” .

To make it easier we wrote down the time of the shot in the trailer, So you can see it yourself.

Doctor Strange-Accident


The first scene of the trailer shows Stephen Strange the Neurosurgeon losses the power of his hands, ability to perform surgery in an accident.

Dr. Strange-Encounter


In Search of the cure for his hands, He meets Ancient One and then we can see some mind-blowing visual effects which clearly indicates that this movie is going to be a great visual treat for the fans.



After that scene, we can see a new logo of Marvel which is actually looking amazing.



After the logo we can see a man in yellow dress yes this is the mighty Ancient One. It has been shown in the trailer that Ancient One possess mystic powers, and is capable of  astral projection, levitation, interdimensional teleportation and many other effects.



In between these scenes we can see a Chinese man giving training to his students, not so sure but it is been said that this man is WONG who is a master Sorcerer and Strange’s mentor.



Then Comes to a new face Baron Mordo, we had described above about him. It seems that he is Doctor’s friend but in actual, he has always been a villain. He’s is jus jealous of Dr. Strange, therefore, he turn against him.



In the next scene Strange is seen standing in front of three doors, we can see that there is different view in front of every gate. We can see him wearing the “EYE OF AGAMOTTO”  in  actual it is the most powerful thing that Doctor Strange posses.


It helps him in span distances and dispels disguises and illusions Strange use it create a mystical shield as we can see in the trailer. There is something more to say about the EYE OF AGAMOTTO as per comics it contains an Infinity Stone (Time Gem) in it, So there are rumors that we can see Mad Titan Thanos in the Movie, Maybe in the End Credits…..He Really needs the Time Gem for Infinity War



Next, comes the scene of a villain whose name is KAECILIUS who has not been a big villain of Marvel series so, maybe he works for some other Big villain i.e. Dormammu, He should have some scenes in the movie, that would be awesome.



In the next scene, Kaecilius tries to stop Strange from reaching somewhere through his magic by changing the dimensions of buildings and roads. The thing that is needed to be noticed here is that the effect of magic seems only on Strange and all other people and bus on the road look unaffected as if there is no such magic around them.


Next two or three scene compile’s the fighting sequence between Strange and villain. There is a strong prediction about the movie that there will be a cameo of one or two Avengers in the movie and most probably it will SPIDER-MAN.


Next, we can see our DOCTOR STRANGE in his complete costume, which looks absolutely stunning. And after that the final scene of the trailer which will be the last fighting scene of the movie comes, which is set in New york. The view is really amazing and will be great to watch in 3D.

You can watch the Trailer here:

So, guys we hope you liked our Information about your favorite DOCTOR STRANGE. The movie will hit the screens on 4th November.

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