Doogee Mix 4 is a new Bezel-less Phone with 97% Screen

Doogee Mix 4
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Doogee a smartphone brand that was seen copying designs from some big Smartphone manufactures lately, comes out with a brand new Design that can bring us the ultimate Bezel-less experience, with 97% Screen to body ratio. We are Talking about Doogee Mix 4.

Doogee sent a prototype unit to a youtuber called ‘Mrwhoistheboss’ to unbox, and the device they made looked great…

The Doogee Mix 4 is a concept phone, which will be powered by a Snapdragon Processor this time. Why is it a big deal?

Doogee uses mostly MediaTek processors in their smartphones, and this time they are trying with Snapdragon processor, which may help in some overseas sales.

Doogee Mix 4So, whats special about this Doogee Mix 2, this will be the first device to feature a whopping 97% screen to body ratio. which is far more than any other device in the market.

Every So-called Bezel-less device got a chin and a large head, which is not bezel-less at all, Xiaomi started all bezel-less thing and Mi Mix was actually bezel-less, but now, every device is called bezel-less with a big screen.

You may think the with 97% screen to body ratio, where are the camera and sensors. So, here’s the part where it gets interesting.

Remember those times when sliding phones were a hit, that time will come again, Doogee is using similar kind of design to hide those parts, and you can get access to them, just by sliding the screen down.

Doogee Mix 4Actually, this concept is great but it has it own Pros and Cons, like using mechanical parts in a touchscreen device, the phone can get damaged, if something doesn’t work.

But that’s way too much thinking for now, as this Doogee Mix 4 is not going to launch anytime soon, they are still perfecting that design, and we will get to see this in action by the end of this year.

Also, another interesting thing about this device, as you all may know the price of oneplus’s phones are getting higher and higher. Now, this device is expected in a price range below Oneplus 5T.

Now that’s Innovation, what do you think about the Doogee Mix 4, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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