Would you Buy a Phone with 2 Screens, Looking like this???

LG V30

Some new images appeared on the internet, which shows us the upcoming LG smartphone with Dual Display. We already saw these type of smartphones from LG before like LG X Screen, LG V20. But this is something more interesting and beyond the previous designs of LG V-Series. Introducing LG V30!

The Picture you saw above was rumored to be as LG’s “Project Joan” aka LG V30. This Design looks like it’s inspired by Blackberry’s Priv Smartphone with a slider keyboard. But LG took this thing to a whole new level, they added a sliding second screen to the device itself. They also added some cool features the second screen can do. you can check them out later in the article.

But there is something that can affect the sales of the upcoming LG V30. When LG Launched the semi-modular G5 in the market they suffered a lot of issues as the smartphone was not up to the mark, and it’s not the time for a modular phone like LG G5 yet. Currently we don’t have enough Tech to use to make a phone like that, but still, LG did a great job making G5 that was a huge success for the smartphone industry, but the consumers were not happy with the device. So, LG eventually fails to make their consumers happy.

So the same can happen with this innovative approach, this concept is actually great, I personally liked it but what is it gone wrong like LG G5. LG needs to think about it before taking any big steps.

LG V30

There was also another leaked design for the upcoming LG V30, which is shown above in the picture, that design is also good, but putting a camera between a second screen is a pretty difficult job. So maybe they moved to this concept.

This concept also features some cool tricks with its second screen, check out the image below to know more

LG V30

so according to that image, it looks like this device will be actually turn out to be a success if worked as expected. We didn’t know anything about its specs, price or availability but We will let you know as soon as we get some info.

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