Final Trailer : Logan on his one Last Mission.


The final trailer of ‘Logan’ the last outing Hugh Jackman as the most iconic character Wolverine has been released. These are really some emotional moments for Wolverine fans. Fox is trying its best to keep the details of the movie under wraps but so far whatever has been revealed about the movie, it seems that it is going to be different from other superhero movies.

final trailer

Talking about the trailer, this trailer is full of action scenes and mostly focused on Laura (Mutant X-23) the mysterious girl and her superpowers. The way she flips over the attendant, it shows how powerful this cute looking girl is. But having such powers grabs the attention of Donald Pierce and now he is looking for this girl. Professor-X and Logan try to save her from the enemies.

But now this is not as easy as it used to be, Logan is an old man now and losing his healing abilities. We can see that in the trailer that how easily he is taken down by Pierce. But then Laura teaches them why she not someone to be messed with.

The movie will be premiered on March 3, 2017. Watch out the final trailer of Logan here, if you had not watched it yet.

This movie also marks the end of Patrick Stewart too as Professor-X. It is really surprising that this last trailer was only the second trailer for this movie, which is not common for the movies of such scale. The studio has launched a website ‘1974 frames of the Logan’  for their fans so that they can get all the updates of the movie.

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