Flash Sale Tricks: How to buy Stuff during a Open Flash Sale

Flash Sale Tricks

Flash Sales is one of the most annoying thing ever created, and it’s very hard to get the thing you want to buy during these types of sales, but after a while, some developers came up with different tricks to bypass it and get the thing done…automatically… Now, most of the users take advantage of it and buy the items via these Flash Sale Tricks that I am going to teach you in this article. So, take a look.

Flash Sale Tricks

This tutorial will help you buy your favorite items in an open flash sale on Amazon, Flipkart, 1Rs Sale, etc.

It all started with some scripts, that user has to add while shopping in the flash sale. What the user has to do is Right Click on the Sale Page and click on inspect element.

Then find the source of the countdown timer running on the page and add a script there, the function of the script was to click only. With the help of this function the page will experience 500 Click/ per second or so, and if you have a faster internet connection, the item will automatically get added to your cart.

But this trick also had its problems. As the sale page get redesigned every time, so developers have to recode every time. Also, the Online Shopping sites knew these tricks to fake the sale, so, they also modified their page to prevent these tricks.

Then developer made extensions and Apps to do their jobs. If you have an extension installed or an App, you just have to go to the sale page and you will automatically see the items present in the sale. You just have to select it and you are done. The item(s) will get added once the timer will reach zero.

This method helps the developers as they don’t have to write codes for every sale, they can just modify the settings of the extensions and you are good to go.

There are many of these extensions out there, but the best ones are listed here that will surely get you the product you want!

1) Price Tracker

Flash Sale TricksIt’s a Chrome Plugin which allows you to buy stuff with a single click, I’ve used it in the past and it really works. You just have to open the plugin and click the item you want to buy, and it will redirect you to the sale page. After the timer gets to zero, you will see the item added to your cart.

you can download the plugin from here

2) Flash Sale Tricks

Flash Sale TricksThis Plugin is also similar to what you’ve seen above, this plugin is updated regularly with all the latest scripts and mods, so you don’t have to worry about the latest flash sales.

you can download the plugin from here.

3) Flash Sale Auto Buy

Flash Sale TricksAnother Flash Sale Tricks plugin which does the same tasks as all the above, but the thing with this plugin is that, this plugin updates just before the sale. So, you have to manually update the plugin before the sale starts, this is something that users would not like to do every time.

you can download the plugin from here

4) Flash Sale Helper

Flash Sale TricksFlash Sale Helper is another Chrome Plugin which you can use to buy items from flash sale. The interesting thing is that this plugin also has an App allowing you to buy the item by just using your phone.

you can download the plugin from here, and app from here

So, these were some of the best Auto buy Plugins available to get the items you want before anyone else. These Flash Sale Tricks are illegal, but that help the users.

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