Flying Jatt Review: The film never seems flying .


Flying Jatt Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jaqueline Fernandez, Amrita Singh, Kay Kay Menon, Nathan Jones, Gaurav Pandey
GENRE: Fantasy
DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes

The most surprising thing is that even though Tiger is three films old now but still he has not shown any signs of a descent actors as compared to other new comers like Sidharth Malhotra, Sushant Singh Rajput and others. Of course he look impressive in action, dancing scenes but a complete movie needs a lot more than that. Tiger really needs to learn those skills before he get typecast in Bollywood.

Flying Jatt is that superhero which every Indian mom’s want her son to be.

Flying Jatt Story:

Aman ( Tiger Shroff) is a martial arts teacher in a local school,no one takes him seriously. He fears heights and dogs. An industrialist Mr. Malhotra ( Kay Kay Menon ) comes to live in his neighbourhood, he wants to set up a factory on the piece of land that belongs to Aman’s family. His bebe ( Amrita Singh) stands up against him, so Malhotra sends a menacing Raka ( Nathan Jones ) to grab their land. one day Aman discovers that he possess some super natural powers. Now, how he will defeat Raka and Malhotra is the movie to watch.

Flying Jatt Review:

A superhero film has always been liked by Indian audience, but this time Remo has tried some thing different, the superhero of this movie is not like those typical Bollywood superheros like Ra.One and Krrish in fact this superhero flies to the market to bring lauki for his mom.

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but Flying Jatt could have been more entertaining, it just lack that seriousness that a superhero movie requires. Talking about Tiger he has done a neat job as Aman, first half of the movie is enjoyable and consist of so many light-hearted moments. The crosstalk between Aman, his fun-loving brother and his bebe are quite funny.

Other characters like Kriti ( Jaqueline ) adds no charm in the movie, her role is limited to delivering witty one liners. Raka is a ridiculous outdated villain, his acts of growling and grunting only makes him funnier. Remo failed to utilise most of the characters of movie, despite of working on plot of movie he has wasted his time in giving an eco-friendly edge. As movie ends with the quote
” Everything has an alternative, Expect mother Earth”

After the interval, laughter takes a back seat, and things become more worse. The film moves on a frail love story between Aman and kriti. Songs and dances are only to showcase Tigers’s limber move. overall it would have been a nice movie, but weak plot, freaky villain, and the those Swachch Bharat promotions projects it just like a cartoon film.

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