Ostrich Pillow: Simple Tech that can get you a Better Sleep

Ostrich Pillow GO

Have you ever felt sleepy on a flight, train, bus or are you a frequent traveler of any of these this simple tech may help you, check it out and thank us later! Ostrich Pillow is a simple yet advanced tech which will help you get a Better Sleep in some uneasy circumstances.

You may think that it’s another travel pillow, but it’s not, the designers behind this pillow has spent the last few months studying the anatomy of the neck, analyzing emerging travel habits, researching materials and patterns, visiting manufacturers and restlessly improving the design of a regular travel pillow.

Ostrich Pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support for all neck sizes, with minimum product weight and volume. It definitely is the perfect travel companion. check out its design in the image below.

Ostrich Pillow GO

This pillow have all the stuff for your comfort, it has 3 magnetic buttons to strap up, so simply place it around your neck and fix it without fuss thanks to its hidden magnetic buttons.

Ostrich Pillow GO

It’s three different positions guarantee a perfect fit and adaptation to your neck whatever its size. Then you’re set to go and enjoy comfy dreams.

The main feature about this is The viscoelastic core, the core of the Ostrich Pillow is made out of high-sensitivity memory foam. The foam core has a protective cotton fabric layer around it. The outermost layer is a removable and washable sleeve made out of skin-friendly stretchable fabric.

You may think that this is a big pillow to carry on a trip but, they also thought about it, it can be folded into a small roll, by that it approximately saves 60% of its own volume for your other stuff.

Ostrich Pillow GO

There are much more designs available on their Kickstarter page, you can get one for you if you liked it. Jump to the link below to check out the product.


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