Get Google Assistant on any Android Phone [No Root][OFFICIAL]

Google Assistant

Google Officially rolled out an update to its Google App for the beta testers (v6.13.5) which accidentally enabled Google Assistant on some Non-Pixel phones, as per reported by Android Police. We don’t know what Google is cooking for us, but maybe we’ll see Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones soon or maybe it’s an innocent mistake?

This app also brings some changes and additional features to the G app:-

  1. Enabled Recents
  2. Lite Mode
  3. Better Offline Search
  4. Pay using Google Assistant
  5. Ask Google Assitant by typing
  6. App icon for Google Assistant
  7. Google Assistant for Non-Pixel Phones

Google Assistant

Do you want to know what Recents is, you may think Google is monitoring you more than you thought, and it really is they even know which apps do you use and when you opened it, and how many times you opened it, kind of freaking!!! but it will help you find your data easily if you want some of it after a few days.

Lite Mode will help Cards displayed on Google Now to load fast, you can enable it, disable it, or leave it to Google (Automatic), Google will automatically load the lite version when you are on a slow connection.

Google Assistant

We are seeing som much improvement in Google Assistant, now you can pay using Assistant, ask assistant questions while typing, Assistant got an icon for its own, and maybe soon you can try out these features on your phone….shout out to non-Pixel users!!!

If you want to try your luck with the new Google App you can download it from the link given below

TIP:- Make sure you enable 3rd party app installation.

Google App (V6.13.5-Alpha):

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