How to get Portrait Mode on any Android Device, Update supports 4K [APK]

Portrait Mode on any Android Device
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The Camera apk is updated supporting more devices and is now more stable, though it still doesn’t work on many devices like Oneplus 5 and 5T, Nexus 5X, Redmi Note 3, Mi A1, Samsung Galaxy S8, Moto G4 for now, it works on some devices like OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, Nokia 8, and original Pixel and Pixel XL.

In the new Update, you can now shoot video in 4K resolution, you can now take pictures in RAW Format, and you also got a mod for Zero Shutter Lag.

Moreover, the setting has tons of optimisations for eg you can opt for portrait mode or lens blur, and more. The apk link is updated and the forum links too.

Have fun, with the portrait mode!

Original Post:

We saw portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus first, using dual cameras, and now almost every smartphone manufacturer is including dual cameras in their devices, but till mid 2017 Portrait Mode was not possible without a second camera sensor, but then Google released its Pixel 2, with Portrait mode using only single camera lens, with pure AI and a tech called Dual Pixel Technology. But we thought if, that’s a software feature, then it can be ported to other devices as well. So a developer at XDA ported the software and here we will tell you how to get Portrait Mode on any Android Device.

Charles Chow developer of the Camera NX app with features based on Google Camera released a new version with the portrait mode working for the Orignal Pixels and Nexus 5X and 6P. If you have any of these above-mentioned phones, you can download the Camera NX 7.3 from the link below. If you don’t have those devices then keep reading.

Download Camera NX v7.3

Portrait Mode on any Android Device

After Camer NX released, another developer Arnova8G2 further modified the apk and made it available for almost all devices, if you have a smartphone with 64-bit architecture, then you can try your luck, download the apk, install and run. It’s that simple, the best thing about this mod is that it doesn’t require Root. Anyone can install and test it.

Portrait Mode on any Android Device

The developer said that this mode is running perfectly on devices like Oneplus 3/3T, Mi 5/5s, Moto G5S Plus and Galaxy Note 8 running on Oreo Beta. I tried it with my Oneplus 5 but camera force closes…

The only thing to worry is that for now only rear portrait is working, and we don’t know that the developer will be able to port the Front Portrait feature or not? We hope we get it soon.

Portrait Mode on any Android DeviceYou can download the apk from the link below and get  Portrait Mode on any Android Device

Google Camera with Portrait Mode (Non-Google)

or you can bookmark the original forum link to get the latest updates

Forum link

So, does this mod runs on your device? Did you like this feature? Let us know your device name and your experience in the comments below.

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