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Google Allo

Google showed off its new assistant, Video calling app Duo and its Messenger Allo. They didn’t announce the launch date of Duo and Allo but, they did say that they will be up and running by this summer. Duo is already out and running well, it’s now time for Google Allo.

Allo is the smart messaging service packed with google assistant, self-expression and most important security and privacy. So let me just Run down Features of Google Allo for you!

Google Allo Features

Google Allo

Whisper Shout:- Whisper Shout lets you express you really feel by making you reply very big or very small. So, now no more yelling in ALL CAPS.

Google Allo

Ink:- Ink lets you write on the images you want to send easily and efficiently.

Google Allo

Smart Reply:- Google machine learning helps you to send quick reply to chats without typing a single word….It will get better with use. As it is machine learning, the reply generated will be unique to you. it also works on images!

Google Allo

Google Assistant:- Assitant helps to seamlessly chat without leaving the chat screen, Assistant uses Google’s knowledge to answer the question asked and to make reservations (as in this picture). You can also play games with google assitant, directly chat with the assistant, ask a question… and much more.

Google Allo

Privacy and security:- Using Allo you can chat in incognito mode in which your chats are End-to-End Encrypted. It also has private notifications to hide the information of the sender. It also offers message expiration, So now you can control that how long you private messages stick around. When you close and delete an incognito chat in Allo it’s gone forever, you can never access that chat in you mobile. Google will be adding more security features to Allo in time.

Google Allo is providing seamless messaging experience to us, by providing us with some cool features like whisper shout (My Favourite), Ink, Google Assistant, Smart Reply, Privacy and Security…and much more to come in future. So, that was Google Allo, we’ll be seeing it in action on 21st September (maybe?).

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So what do you guys think of Google Allo will you use it? What do you think will it be a problem for Whatsapp…Tell us your opinions in the comments below and, Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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