Google announced a Special Edition of Google Assistant for Jio Phone

Google Assistant for Jio Phone
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After selling 1 million Jio Phones, Reliance is making their partnership stronger with Google and Google is also helping Reliance to become the top telecom company by modifying the Jio Phone software, today in an event in Delhi Google announced Google Assistant for Jio Phone.

Google know despite having the biggest smartphone market, there are also people in India who still uses feature phones approx 500 Million in India alone and a total around 780 million in the world.Google Asistant for Jio Phone

So, they are now going to bring Google Assistant to the feature phones starting from Jio Phone.

It Says the Google Assistant for Jio Phone is adapted to the JioPhone’s 2.4-inch QVGA color screen. While the interface may be different, the core functionality of the service is expected to stay the same. That means Jio Phone users can enjoy the same features available to the Smartphone users. Also, all those features and Google Assistant for Jio Phone will be accessible in Hindi.

Google Assistant for Jio PhoneGummi Hafsteinsson, Product Management Director, Google, said, “Whether in entry-level smartphones or Jio Phone, Google Assistant can help you call, text, play music and videos, and access other apps.”

It is not yet known when will the Google Assistant will come to the device when have to wait for the update.

But what do you guys think on the addition of Google Assistant for Jio Phone, tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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