Google Home: Its Good to be at Home!

Google Home

Google October 4th event ended well, we saw some new devices, a VR, a WiFi Router, and a useful and good looking tech for our Homes: Google Home. This is the all new tech from Google to let you control your house with your voice. We will talk more about its features in this article, but let’s talk about what is it. We also have a Big news for our readers at the End of the Post! Don’t miss it.

It is powered by Google Assistant debuted with Google Pixel phones. Google Home is a handy tech which takes Google Assistant out of your Pixel phone (Assistant is limited to Pixel for now). Google AIM is to make your life easier, with Google Home you can play your favourite music, ask questions, play videos on Youtube and much more.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL announced with Google Assistant

Google Home uses your WiFi connection to get your answers. What is it capable of, you can check out the Feature list below

Google Home: Features

Google Home

There are many exciting Features that makes Google Home a good product to wait for:

  • Enjoy Entertainment: You can play you favourite Playlist on Play music and other 3rd party Music streaming apps, and also you can watch you favourite Netflix shows using your voice now. You can ask Latest headlines from the Source you want for eg:- “What’s the latest news from NPR?”.
  • Get Answers: You can now be Einstien as you can solve complicated equations quickly…all you have to do is ask Google. You can ask the scores of the Cricket match or a football match, Get you speech translated using Google Home!
  • Manage Tasks: You can now manage your tasks more efficiently using Google like managing your shopping list…So, no more disappearing papers. You can set timers and alarms too.
  • Plan your day: You can check your calendar events, Flight Information and Weather. Google can also be you local guide by suggesting you the best route to your office and will there be any traffic there or not.
  • Control Your Home: You can now pick your favourite phrase to control countless online services and third-party smart devices like lights and Fans etc.
  • Have Fun: Google Home can also entertain you by telling you jokes, interesting facts and more. You can also ask Google some question like “How old are you”. You can also play games with google.

There are much more features that we can even cover you can check out all the features here. Google Home is the one thing I liked the most in the Oct 4th launch…Nah! I didn’t really like those over priced Pixels!

In short, this Gadget looks like an essential need for every home but let’s wait and see how this gadget performs. Will the written features work or not.

Google Home: Price and Availability

Google Home

Google Home is priced at 129$ ~8,500Rs and the users who purchase Google Home will get 6 Months Youtube Red subscription free! Google Home is available for Preorder in the US and, no clues on its availability in India so far.

Google Home

You can also Customise your Google Home as you like, as it is available in various customizable bases. Fabric bases come in Mango, Marine and Violet. Metal bases come in Carbon, Snow and Copper.

Here’s some off-topic news:

Google Released prices for Pixel Phones in India:

Pixel (32GB)- 57,000Rs

Pixel (128)- 66,000Rs

Pixel XL (32GB)- 67,000Rs

Pixel XL (128GB)- 76,000Rs

Woah! those are high prices, this is not a good time for Google to launch high priced Flagships. I mean there are many phones by other manufacturers which are good enough to by over Pixel and will not hurt you Pocket.

So what do you Guys think of these Overpriced Pixels and Google Home, is Google Home is the thing which will make your life easier? Tell us in the Comments Below!

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