Google Photo Scan: Photo Scanner from the Future!

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Mostly everyone nowadays uses the online cloud storage to save their data, but when it comes to Photos, Google Photos is the best option to save and organise the photos of you and your loved ones. What about the photos which you took from your old cameras which are not digital, Google have something interesting for you in the store called Google Photo Scan! Take a look.

These are your memories! How you store them?

What you can do now??

What is Google Photo Scan? How Google Describes it?

PhotoScan gets you great looking digital copies in seconds – it detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare. Scanned photos can be saved in one tap to Google Photos to be organised, searchable, shared, and safely backed up at high quality—for free.

Like it gets it now from Google Play Store!!!

Get it from Play Store


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