Google Pixel 2 Design Leak, Looks Crap! See Pictures

Google Pixel 2 Design Leak
Google Pixel XL 2

Google is now making their own Smartphone named Pixel and shutting down Nexus Line. As the 1st Pixel surfaced the main thing to notice was its crappy design, and same is with Google Pixel 2 Design, the major upgrade by Google still looks crap. Though Now it has a smaller back glass than original Pixel still it looks bad. Check out the leaked images below, which features Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with the cases leak and concepts with various colors.

Google Pixel 2 Design Leak

Here in the images above you can see that the Google Pixel 2 Design is surely improved with bezel-less displays in (Pixel 2 XL) but the back of the device still looks the same they should’ve opted for something new or something better but they kept the same design with some minor improvements, which looks like a huge setback, Google Pixel 2 Design may lead to low sales of the device.

But it doesn’t depend fully on design, the design of the original Pixel was also not liked by the people over the world when it leaked but when it launched it was a huge hit as it was the fastest device available with the huge price tag, This is also an issue. What will be the price of the Google Pixel 2 will it cost less or Google will price it as a Flagship device, We will get to know in coming weeks.

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