Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch First Impressions

Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch

Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch (2017) is a stylish and a beautiful smartwatch that you can have at a really low price. It’s a smartphone on your wrist. It has some cool features to look upon but first look at the specs.

Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch Specs

  • 1.22-inch IPS Display
  • 240×204 Resolution
  • MTK6261A CPU
  • Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 supported
  • 320mAh Battery (2.5-3 Days Standby)
  • Android+iOS supported (Android Version 4.0+)
  • 43.9 x 12.9 x 240mm
  • Sim card supported
  • Anti-Lost, Pedometer, Sleep analysis

So this was all the technical info for the watch! I’ve been using this smartwatch from past 2-3 days now and I must say the design looks and feels premium, the display is sharp and crisp, it suffers a bit when viewed in direct sunlight but otherwise it has a great display for such a low price smartwatch. Check out some of the images of the watch (Design, UI, and Features)

Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch Images

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It has got many features (I didn’t test all of them yet!) which I found handy in day to day task, check them out.

  • Bluetooth Calls: It’s a great feature, helps me accept, decline or talk to the person calling when I am unable to take out the phone. For eg- Driving (I drive safe, but sometimes it’s important to take a call)
  • Notify (Requires BT Notifier app): When you are out somewhere and need your phone to call someone or find a place using maps and you get to know that you left your phone at your house, this watch can save you. It notifies the user that you are leaving your phone behind, and if you can’t remember where you left it, the watch will do that for you, just a click and your phone will ring at full volume.
  • Phone Sync: The watch syncs with your phone over Bluetooth, and it will show all the notifications you have got on your phone. So you don’t have to take your phone out every time.
  • Motion: The sensors in this watch are mostly accurate. While wearing the watch, when I moved my hand up to take a look at the time or any notification, 90% of the time my motion was detected and the watch lights up.

These were some of the main features I liked and I found useful (For Me). There are many more features of the Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch, that I yet have to test. Will talk about them in the full review.

The only issue I found till now is the battery life, it takes 2-3 hours to charge the watch and the battery backup is quite less than expected. I barely got 6 hours of battery life with moderate usage but still, I have to test more to give a final verdict. It’s just an impression yet!

First Impression: Great design, premium feel, feature rich, pretty much useful, average battery life.

Do you have one? Wanna buy one? Click the link below to get your hands on it!!!


If you have one, do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Till then keep checking LikelyFad for the full review of Hamee Chromtech Smartwatch!
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