‘Haramkhor’ story of a taboo relationship

Haramkhor Cast: Nawazzudin Siddiqui, Shweta Tripathi, Trimala Adhikari, Mohd Samad, Irfan Khan
Direction: Shlok Sharma
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 Hour 33 minutes

Haramkhor Story:

A love triangle grows in a village between a married teacher, his student and her tuition mate. How this triangle formed and what will be the consequences of such relations makes it a compulsive story.

Haramkhor Review:

Watching Nawazuddin’s movie is always a different experience, he never fails to surprise the audience with his powerful performances. Talking about ‘Haramkhor’ the journey of making this film to its release was not less than a roller-coaster ride. Initially, a FIR was lodged against director Shlok Sharma and then the ban imposed by FCAT for the adult content in the film. But finally, the movie has been released and has got positive reviews from film critics.


Its story is about a teacher Shyam (Nawaz) his teenage Student Sandhya (Shweta). Sandhya is a lonely girl and she gets affectionate toward her teacher who is a married man. He is a violent and abusive man but their sexual involvement overpowers her judgment. One the other hand Sandhya’s tuition mate Kamal (Irfan Khan) is also attracted toward her and that makes this love story a love triangle.

The subject of the movie is very refreshing, may some parts of the movie become thorny but debutant director Shlok Sharma crafted the story very well. The powerpack acting performances give wings to the film. Shweta Tripathi is absolutely stunning in the role of an innocent and lonely girl.

What lacks in this movie is the cranny narration that leaves so many things unanswered in the film. Some more on writing would have taken this film to the next level. Nevertheless, realistic movies like this should be made more frequently as these are the stories from our own societies.

That’s all for this review, have you watched the film yet??? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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