Most Haunted places in Delhi, and Why they are Haunted [FULL STORY]

Haunted Places in Delhi.
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Everyone might have heard, at least once in their childhood ” Wha mt jaana, wha bhoot ka saya h”. Some of us believed that and others just ignored, but none of us had that chance to experience it. So here are some of the most Haunted Places in Delhi where you can get the much-awaited experience of the lifetime.

Whether you believe in GHOSTS or free souls wandering around at some places or felt any ghost activity around you or experienced any spooky activity or not? These places will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

1) Delhi Cantonment:

Haunted places in Delhi
Delhi Cantonment

The Delhi Cantonment also know as Delhi cantt is one of the poshest areas of Delhi with was established by the British army in 1914. This area is away from Hustle-bustle of the city and looks more like a 10,521-acre wide forest. Cantonment area has two sides: First one is calm and peaceful one, as we all know, as this area majorly belongs to army people and the other side is the ghosty one, which makes it one of the most Haunted Places in Delhi.

Yes, you read it right, there are many stories of people encountering a ghost of a lady in white saree asking for a lift, with hand stretched to stop vehicles at night. If the driver stops the vehicle, it is said that they did not find their way home the entire night and kept circling around the city, completely lost. And if the driver did not bother to stop, she would start running with or after the vehicle at the same speed until the end of Delhi Cantt area.

The story behind the scene:

The story which is claimed to be true is that once there was a girl genuinely asking for the lift on one of her life’s usual nights. Her usual night became unusual when a group of boys, passing by, stopped not to help but to fulfill there lust. They forced her into their car, raped her, killed her and then dumped her in the forest. Now the spirit of that girl is taking revenge.

2) Firoz Shah Kotla Fort:

Haunted places in Delhi
Firoz Shah Kotla Fort.

Firoz Shah Kotla fort was built by “The Sultan” Firoz Shah Tughlaq to house his own version of Delhi. The Sultan and his family used to live there in the 14th century. But now Jinns are said to be the permanent resident of this fort. According to Quran, Jinns are demons created from “Smokeless and Scorching Fire”.

According to locals, Jinns stays in this fort although no story is available about “How these jinns came to this fort”. Many people have experienced these supernatural powers.

The story behind the scene:

Although no story gives the idea about “How these jinns came to this fort” but there is one story related to their presence and why hundreds of people show up on Thursdays.

A long time ago jinns of this fort requested Sufi Saint “Hazrat Badrudeen Samarkandi” to ask locals to enlighten the mosque of the fort again. On their behalf, saint told that these jinns are God’s creation and they are here to help others. Since then hundred of peoples shows up every Thursday, with their problems written on paper in letter format. They submit these letters to Jinns seeking for help.

3) Lothian Cemetery:

Haunted places in Delhi
Lothian Cemetery.

When it comes to ghosts, the name of a Cemetery is enough but this one is master of all. Lothian Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries of the town located in Lothian road near Kashmiri Gate GPO, beheaded Ghost adds another level to the creepiness of this cemetery. There are several reports of people claiming that beheaded ghost was following them through their way. Several other ghosts wander there and scare off people.

According to a well-known fact, Lothian Cemetery was originally Royal Muslim Graveyard but when British came, they appropriated it for their own use in 1808. They are said to have vandalized the existing graves and removed the bones. This graveyard was then used for British Officers cemetery. Now people experience ghosts following them.

The story behind the scene:

According to a story, Sir Nicholas, one of the British Officer fell in love with an Indian woman but couldn’t marry her. The heartbroken officer decided to cuts off his own head. And now the soul of Sir Nicholas wander around the cemetery with his head in his hand.

Many of those who have seen this ghost are not alive to recount the tales and those of whom are alive are rattled to their bones with fear. By-passers can often hear haunting laughs and cries coming from this creepily haunted spot in Delhi.

4) Sanjay Van:

Haunted places in Delhi
Sanjay van.

Sanjay van is the sprawling forest stretched in an almost 10km area. This forest act as the lung of the city. This forest is one of the most beautiful and thick forests fo the city and “Heaven on Earth” for nature lovers and children in the broad daylight. This forest has a wide range of flowers and trees. But this heaven turns out to Hell every night as the sun sets the scream and cries of children become louder.

The eerily poised elder women in white and children with shrill evil laughs may follow you into the darkness from which you can’t come out.

Although it is one of the haunted places of Delhi, No story claims why ghosts reside there.

5) House No. W-3, Greater Kailash:

Haunted places in Delhi
House no. W-3, G. K 1

Once this address was like any other normal address. An elder couple used to live there like any other normal family. But now there is only a couple of “GHOSTS” residing there. Now, people report hearing low murmurs, strange voices and even high-pitched laughter from within this empty house which lies empty and desolate without its inhabitants.

The place is reported to feel frightened and strange. The air itself feeling strange and this is all attributed to the paranormal presence here in the petrified neighborhood.

The story behind the scene:

Once an elderly couple used to live there but then this couple was murdered mysteriously. Bodies were later found in Water tank of the house. But now this house lies abandoned. The spirits of the couple still wander in that house. Although no harm is done by those ghosts till now is reported.

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6) Malcha Mahal:

Haunted places in Delhi
Malcha Mahal

Early kings used to build “Shikargaah” for the hunting lodge in the middle of the forest. One such hunting lodge is “Malcha Mahal”. Malcha Mahal was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. This “Old day hunting lodge” has turned into the “Ghost lodge” after the death of the last heir of the royal family.

Today it is an abandoned monument lying in the center of the forest. They talk of a feeling, the presence of something that cannot be touched but is obviously there. It is said to be so strong that it is like a force. Screams of animals and mourning of the last member of the lodge can also be heard.

The story behind the scene:
Haunted places in Delhi
Begum of Oudh: Malcha Mahal

When Mughal empire was falling down, states were divided. The state of Oudh was one of the strongest states at that time and Malcha Mahal was in their Territory. But when India got independence, This mahal became govt’s undertaking. But Princess Wilayat Mahal was not willing to give to the government so she ended up filing the case to take mahal back.

After she won the case in 1985, she decided to return to their place along with her two kids and 10 dogs. But till that time the palace was turned into spooky outcast place. They started living there, away from outside world. On December 10, 1993, Begum Wilayat Mahal committed suicide and her childer couldn’t bury her. Children also used to sleep with the body for 10 days. After that, no one knows what actually happened to her children and dogs.

7) Jamali Kamali Mosque:

Jamali-Kamali Mosque

Jamali-Kamali mosque was built in 1535 near the place where Sufi saints were buried. This mosque now lies in the Mehrauli archeology center.

Apparently, voices can be heard calling out to you near the graves – even in broad daylight, within the tomb. Some reported being pushed or slapped by some invisible beings. Yet others have reported hearing their name being called again and again. People have reported these experiences and reported a general feeling of being haunted and constantly spied upon.

The story behind the scene:

There is no full proof story associated with this mosque. Jamali- Kamali was two Sufi saints. When they died, they were buried side by side as they really respected each other’s work and loved each other in that manner.

Day by day this place becoming a haunted location. The stories were created by the visitors, having such unnatural phenomenon’s existence is linked. They also say that you can hear some kind of scary noises and feeling once you entered the tomb. The Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque are unsafe at night.

So these were some of the most scariest Haunted Places in Delhi to visit at least once. Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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Have a Scary day ahead.

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