Honda Activa CNG test by Indraprastha Gas Limited

Honda Activa CNG

Honda Activa CNG Test:

Everyone knows that Petrol & diesel prices are increasing day by day. Due to this fact and for reducing the pollution ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India) has put CNG Kit test on two wheeler Honda Activa. The kit which is used is an Activa CNG kit, HONDA itself doesn’t make this kit. Since Honda Activa is the highest selling scooter that’s why Activa is used for CNG kit test.

There is no official announcement about the price of CNG scooter & about the launch Date. It will be announced when it is perfectly tested.

The Indian government has approved of these CNG kits, as they have been certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India). The kit has two cylinders that can each have 1kg of CNG in it. The total range of CNG kit Activa is 120kms.

Honda Activa Expected price & mileage:

The price of Activa CNG is expected about INR 75,000. Since the price of CNG is cheap compared to the price of Petrol. Activa CNG will be a very smart & eco-friendly scooter which will not even save money it will reduce the pollution also. Nowadays Activa is running on the petrol of 50km/L but when it will run on the CNG kit it will give a superb mileage of 60km/kg i.e 120 km on a full tank.

The normal cost in a petrol engine is Rs. 1.3 per km in Delhi while in CNG it could cost 60-65 paisa per km. The govt. claims, CNG scooter give the mileage of 120 km in 1kg CNG.

Honda Activa CNG is safe:

Honda Activa with CNG kits are used by the DOMINOS Delivery boys since last many weeks and from that days there is no problem have been faced then it is safe. Another thing is that it is fully tested by the ARAI so there is no problem in that kit. Let’s Hope that we will see CNG scooters running on the Roads soon.


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