Honor Magic Concept Phone: Magic is in Our Hand

Honor Magic

Honor a Huawei sub-brand, today announced their much-anticipated smartphone Honor Magic which they were teasing for quite a while on social media. Honor Magic is a concept phone just like Xiaomi’s Mi MIX, but it is a lot different from it. Let’s check out its specs first.

Honor Magic Specs:-

Honor Magic

  • 5.09-inch 2K AMOLED display, 577ppi
  • 2.3GHz octa-core Huawei Kirin 950
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Internal Memory
  • 12MP Dual Lens Rear camera (f/2.2) , 8MP Front Camera (f/2.0)
  • 2,900mAh Battery with Fast Charging
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Honor Magic Live
  • 146.1 x 69.9 x 7.8mm, 145g

At first, the specs looks standard, we have the same kirin 950 processor as we have in Honor 8, But the things are interesting in its software side. Check out its interesting features

Honor Magic Features

Honor Magic

Everything that this phone can do is because of its AI Software Tech, for example, The WiseScreen sensor, which combines a sensor in its frame and an infrared sensor in the front-facing camera….pretty technical right!!!

In Simple English it means whenever the owner picks up the phone, it will sense the owner’s hands and eyes and unlock the device. When you put down your device the screen will turn off within a second.

Another great looking feature of this phone is FaceCode Intelligent Recognition. Any message notifications on the phone will only reveal themselves for pre-registered faces. That means you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone picking up the phone and seeing messages that they are not supposed to see.

There are many other features of this AI Tech which will be available via Honor Magic Live, check it out

Honor Magic

  • When you have the phone in your hand, it will make a note of this and whenever you get a call, it will just vibrate and not ring.
  • Once you arrive at the theater, Honor Magic will automatically display the ticket booking number.
  • If you are in the dark, the Honor Magic will sense this automatically and recommend flashlight app on the screen.
  • Magic Live can bring up some useful information even while you are chatting. For example, if you someone asks you, where are you? the phone will offer the option to share your current location. Similarly, if you are chatting about your current weather, details about the same will be provided to you.
  • Once you use Honor Magic to order a cab, the driver’s license plate information will be shown on the display under locked screen mode.
  • Booking a movie ticket is super easy with its smart software. The magic live system can intelligently recommend current movies if you are talking about movies in the chat. Also, if you are talking about booking, it can bring up relevant information as well as help in booking the ticket.
  • If you have an unknown number calling you, the software is smart enough to bring you details about its previous history, if any.
  • Imagine when you are on the road, Honor Magic automatically recognizes that you are driving and will prompt a reminder for you to switch the device to driving mode.
  • The smart software can also classify unread emails as promotions/advertisements/bills/meetings etc, based on the content of the mail. It can also create smart schedules for events that pop up via SMS or WeChat.
  • The Magic Live is also a smart shopper. When you are about to shop on your smartphone, the phone will automatically show you the lowest price along with price comparisons among different shopping platforms. After you shop, it will smartly help you to store the tracking information in your ‘My Favorites’ page.
  • If you want to get details about a particular travel destination, the Magic Live helps in that as well, by bringing you relevant pictures, reviews, weather etc. And you won’t have to type a single thing as the assistant analyses specific keywords such as ‘how about we travel to xx place’ to sense that relevant travel information has to be brought up on the screen.

So there are some of the features of Honor Magic Live there are much more and much more will come in future, as its is a concept phone.

So, wanna buy this gadget? what’s your pocket is saying for this concept phone? check out the price first!

Honor Magic Price and Availability

Honor Magic

Honor Magic is priced around 3,850 Yuan~37,500₹~550$. It is available in two colors Golden Black, Porcelain White. The smartphone is available only in China (for now). Honor didn’t say anything about the global launch of this Future Tech.

So what do you guys think about this New Magic Phone.will you buy it??? Tell us your thoughts in comments below

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