How to Increase the Mileage of bikes

Increase the Mileage of bikes
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Whenever we want to buy a bike or want to get the information about any bike first thing which comes to our mind is “MILEAGE”. As we all know that Petrol prices are increasing day by day so there is no doubt that Mileage is a very big concern when we have to travel on our bike. Old bikes(Bajaj CT100, Hero Honda CD100SS, TVS Victor and many more) gives good mileage but the bikes were not comfortable or good looking which plays a crucial role in New bikes. Nowadays bike companies are looking forward towards Style, Design, and Performance. We are looking heavy engine bike which is completely beyond our imaginations in terms of Style, Design, and Performance. The companies are also putting their valuable time and effort on small engine bikes so that they could give better mileage without changing the style and performance. We always want to get more Mileage from our valuable bikes. So, here are more than TEN tips and tricks to Increase the Mileage of bikes.

#1- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Service bikes regularly):

Increase the Mileage of bikes

The Servicing of a bike plays a crucial role in the Performance of bike. It helps in keeping the engine young and crisp. All those fine small particles which get removed from the engine parts due to friction are removed from engine section by changing the Engine oil on the regular interval of time.

It is the important thing to always service your bike under the company guidelines or by the company serviceman instead of risking your bike outside the Workshop by a Unexperienced mechanic.

#2- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Tyre Pressure):

Increase the Mileage of bikes

Tyre Pressure plays an important role when we talk about the Mileage of bike. We always hate to stand in Rows for keeping the Tyre pressure at Optimum level. But it is also considered that if Tyre Pressure will low engine have to churn More fuel to revolute it.

For all those Persons who don’t want to stand in Crew, there is an advantage of Putting Nitrogen in Tyres because it is a heavy gas and stays in Tyre for so long as compared to Normal air which also occupies 71% of Nitrogen. It costs around 20 Rs per tyre on First fillup and 10 Rs on Top Up in the Indian Market. 

#3- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Ignition Way):

Petrol engines are the Spark Ignition engines which take very low time in Ignition as compared to the Diesel engines. But it is also advised that a better Ignition increases the Engine life and Performance. So, for achieving Optimum advantage from Engine it is advised to Let the engine Ignite and warm for 15- seconds before running it.

#4- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Spark Plug):Increase the Mileage of bikes

Petrol engines are the Spark Ignition engines which take very low time in Ignition. All the Ignition takes place through Spark Plug, it is very necessary to clean the Spark Plug at every 800- 1000km. Carbon and many small particles stuck to the surface of Spark Plug which hinders the Ignition and Proper amount of Fuel burning doesn’t take place.

#5- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Clutch Use):

Increase the Mileage of bikes

Clutch helps in transmitting the Power from engine shaft to wheel shaft. It is very necessary that Keep the clutch at the right place neither Tight nor Loose. Proper use of clutch directly helps in enhancing the Mileage of bike. Always press the Full clutch or Release the Full clutch at every interval of time instead of Pressing Half Clutch.

#6- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Air Filter cleaning):Increase the Mileage of bikes

The engine of our valuable bikes breathes through Air Filter which keeps all the Dust particles to itself and Sends the Fresh Air to Carburettor for further processes. It is always advised to clean the Air Filter on every 1000km and replace it at every 10,000km. 

#7- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Chain clean & Lubrication):

Increase the Mileage of bikes

The driving chain is the part which revolves our wheel at high speed. At every service of the bike, Chain must be cleaned effectively and Lubricated because the small particles stuck to the surface of Chain degrades its efficiency. A Tight, Clean & Lubricated chain helps in better performance of the bikes and enhances its mileage.

#8- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Uneven Acceleration & braking):

It is always told by the Bike companies to run the Bikes in the “ECONOMY” mode which helps in Increasing the Mileage. Sudden or Uneven acceleration and braking loss a lot of Fuel.

#9- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Modification & Fuel saving):

Always try to Switch OFF the engine on the Traffic redlight which usually takes time for enough burning of Fuel. Modification or custom changes in the bike helps in Decreasing its Mileage because it tackles its Aerodynamics.

#10- Increase the Mileage of bikes(Park at safe):

We park our valuable bike in the Sunlight which evaporates the Amount of Petrol through the tank and Degrades the Paint of bike.

So, guys what do you think about the Tips to Increase the Mileage of bikes, hope all these Tips will help You guys to Increase the Mileage of your bikes and saves money for you, tell us your views in the comment box and don’t forget to tell us the car & bike about which you want to get more information and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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