How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy, & get 1.6 Lakhs to stay there.

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy
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Have you ever thought of moving to a less populated and a beautiful town? Does living in a town of Italy sounds appealing to you? So here is “Once-in-a-Lifetime” opportunity. So pack your bags cause Candela, Italy is offering 1.6 Lakhs along with permanent citizenship. So How to apply to move to Candela Italy?

Candela, Italy  is a “picture perfect” idyllic town, which was once a bustling Borghi referred to as ‘Little Naples.’ In the 1960s, about 8,000 people called Candela home but now the population of the town is reduced to less than 3000.

So to boast the Population Nicola Gatta, Mayor of Candela, Italy is offering 1.6 Lakhs (2,000 Euros) to the people who are willing to move there permanently.

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy

“I work each day with passion and commitment to bring Candela back to its ancient splendor, Up until the 1960s, travelers called it ‘Nap’licchie’ (Little Naples), for it streets full of wayfarers, tourists, merchants and screaming vendors.”
Nicola Gatta, (Mayor)
Nowadays that buzz is replaced by silence streets. The church at the corner of every street witnesses more mourning than celebrations as most of the population is aged.
The town which was once favorite “Tourist place” is now turned into a “Ghost town”.
How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy
There are many empty houses with a beautiful terrace and scenic views. So to lure more n more people, Candalian Mayor is offering these benefits.
Although Government is luring people they are taking there process seriously so that people will not fool around.
“We don’t want people flocking here thinking they get to live off the town hall’s revenues, all new residents must work and have an income,” Bascianelli told to CNN.
Mayor and his team are checking every process.

5 families have already moved to the city and applications of other 6 families are also being processed.

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy

Wait, As they are offering this much money, they have some conditions too. If you are willing to move and want 2,000 Euros (1.6 Lakhs) in your hand, you need to commit to being a permanent resident, rent a house in the town and earn more than 7,500 Euros per year.

If you meet the requirements, the council will pay 800 Euros for singles and 1,200 for couples. Families of up to 5 people will receive over 2,000 Euros. Tax credits on council bills and childcare are also available as told to CNN news.

So if you are willing to apply and wanna the spend the rest of your life in a Beautiful, less populated and smog-free town.

Click on the link and check more about the city

Note: To apply, move over to the Italian Embassy, or a Local Visa office near you and they will get you more info, and the Application to move (if availible)

Candela, Italy

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