How To Celebrate Independence Day Without Getting Bore At Home

how to celebrate independence day

National Holiday! National Holiday! National holiday! I get so happy whenever there is a holiday. A free day for me where I can relax, chill, enjoy with friends and so much more things which I wonder to do. So today I will share with you guys that how I celebrate independence day every year. Every year is not the same and so does my way to celebrate. There are many interesting things from which you can actually celebrate your national holiday in a perfect way and most of all without getting bored. Let’s move forward to how to celebrate independence day?.

How To Celebrate Independence Day?

  • Flying Kites

how to celebrate independence day

The great tradition on independence day is flying kites. People gather on their terrace and enjoy eating snacks and nibbles. Flying kites high in the sky and having tea or coffee with friends and family can be a great fun and enjoyment.

  • Throw A Theme Party Or Get-To-Gather 

You can throw a theme party or a get-to-gather with you family, friends and relatives. Get-to-gather with friends and family is actually fun. Everybody will be in white, orange or green attire. You can take pictures and selfies. you can prepare a dance performance on Desh bhakti song. You can also organize a competition on singing or dancing.

  • Outing With Friends-  How To Celebrate Independence Day

how to celebrate independence day

You can go for an outing with your friends. You can visit historical sculptures with a tricolor touch in your clothes or in your accessories. Take pictures with your friends enjoy and post on Instagram, Facebook etc.

  • Enjoy movies

how to celebrate independence day

Top five patriotic films to watch on this Independence Day

Television is the most common way to pass time when you don’t wanna go outside. Special Desh bhakti movies manifest on T.V.

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