Depression Is Much More Than Sadness – How To Cure Depression

how to cure depression
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There are so many emotions that we faced in our day to day life. In a day we experience more than 20 emotions. Some emotions are not very extreme but some of them are intense. Sometimes intense emotions drain our energy and make it more difficult to get on with life. You might often search for How to Cure Depression but it’s my advice First look that If you are really depressed or not. Sometimes when we are little sadder we think that we are facing depression but that not true. Sadness and depression are both different things. So first know, that you are sad or depressed.

What Is Depression?

how to cure depression

We all feel sad, angry, moody, joyful and even low sometimes time to time, some people feel these feeling more intensively which leads to depression. Depression can be for Days, weeks, months and also for years. Depression is much more than sadness or low mood. It’s totally a serious condition which affects our physical as well as mental health.

Effects Of Depression

how to cure depression

Depression Effects our feelings, behavior, physical health and mental health. It makes life more difficult. Depression is when we overthink. Overthinking is the main cause of occurring depression. Depression is also triggered by how well we cope up with the demands and expectation of other people. Expectation always hurts. Afterall, there will be no one who would make you happy but only you. The key is not to expect and demand thing for others if you wanna stay away from depression. So let’s move forward to the how to cure depression.

How To Cure Depression?

how to cure depression

There are several different approaches from depression can be cured. Depression can be cured by the therapies below:

  • psychodynamic therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy etc.

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Depression therapies involve talking, understanding the patient, understanding the problems which patients are facing, hearing thoughts of the patients, supporting and evaluating the progress etc.

To overcome depression you have to overcome negative thoughts. Fill your mind with positive thought. Try to clean your mind thought meditation for 10- 15 minutes. Try to increase your motivation.

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