How To View The Solar Eclipse safely on 8th April 2024….

how to view the solar eclipse

In case if you have missed seeing the eclipse because of some reason. Then you should surely wait for the coming solar eclipse. Mark the date on your calendars so you wouldn’t miss. The solar eclipse is one of the biggest astronomical events of the year, but people that missed it will have the chance to see another in less than a decade. On 8th April 2024, once again the shadow of the sun will be blocked out across the united states. So don’t get sad nature is providing the second opportunity for you to see it. But before waiting for the day to come make precautions for your eyes. Don’t let the solar eclipse destroy your eyes. If you have the plan on watching the show, you need to take some precautions to protect your eyes. Let’s begin with how to view the solar eclipse.

how to view the solar eclipse

How To View The Solar Eclipse

  • Never Look At The Sun With Naked Eyes

  • Never look At Sun through Binoculars or a telescope. Unless equipped with the solar filter.

    So how to view the solar eclipse. You can purchase any inexpensive, specialized glasses that are specially designed to view at the sun. They should meet the international standard for blocking light with a filter. They should block the harmful radiations coming through the eclipse. Remember don’t ever continuously look at the solar eclipse, you need to take frequent breaks from looking directly at the sun.

how to view the solar eclipse

  • When to look at the solar eclipse without glasses.

    When and how to view the solar eclipse without glasses? Well, the right time to look at the solar eclipse directly is when the moon completely covers the sun. But keep in mind to put your safety gear back on as soon as the sun re-emerges.

Demystifying Total Solar Eclipse: What you should know.

Another Way To How To View The Solar Eclipse.

  • Another way to how to view the solar eclipse safely is to use pin-hole viewer. For preparing a pin-hole all you need is to 2 cardboards or paper. Punch a hole in one and use it to project an image on the other piece of paper. When the light dot turns into black then you can look up without wasting any second. It will leave a permanent mark on your memory. But protect your eyes to make sure it doesn’t leave a permanent mark on your retina.

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