HTC’s 2017 Design and Smartphones leaked (Video)

HTC 2017

HTC is going down day by day, they have to do something innovative to gain the respect they lost by selling overpriced smartphones. So they came out with a creative idea sell their devices using the brand name of currently running successfully ‘HTC Vive’, there only platform which is growing steadily.

Today Evan Blass (an individual who spoils the fun at launch events and let you know the upcoming Tech: Leaker) uploaded a video that shows us the effort made by HTC to get in the fame again, by trying different colors for their upcoming smartphones other than black, grey, rose gold or other solid colors available in the market

check out the video for more info

So, as you saw the new design language of HTCs new smartphones to be launched in 2017, do you think it will help HTC to gain its fame back?

And for the info, this is an initiative called CMF Kitchen. In product design, CMF stands for Color Material Finish. So a CMF kitchen would be a place where designers play with various colors and textures for products. The video shows us how HTC is experimenting with colors and doing innovation in this field using three major designs “chemicals,” “super fibers” and “litmus.”

HTC 2017

There is an interesting fact about this video this was not obtained or leaked by Evan Blass itself, this video is publically available online for over six months!

Here is the original video showing off another project of HTC called Ocean.

So, what do you guys think of HTCs new initiative, will it help them??? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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