HTC Ocean/ Ocean Note coming soon maybe on January 12th.

HTC Ocean
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HTC launched a bunch of devices this year including Flagships and budget devices, but it was still not able to reach its shipments goals. So this time they are coming with a New Innovative Technology called Sense Touch. HTC is bringing this new technology to its New Flagship smartphone HTC 11 codenamed HTC Ocean.

HTC will announce its new flagship device HTC ocean during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which kicks off on February 27 in Barcelona. There’s a guess that HTC will launch a Phablet this year apparently called as HTC Ocean Note, which will be a bigger and better version of the upcoming HTC 11 aka Ocean.

Refer to this Video for the info about all new HTC Sense Touch and HTC- Ocean

The concept shown in the video was quite nice, is it true or not??? For that, we have to wait till the HTC hints something about the upcoming Flagship, which is maybe around the corner, as the MWC approaches.

Currently, we don’t know anything related to specs of the device, but we do know that the device is not having a headphone jack….time to get those small Type-C to headphone Jack adapters. We will let you know as soon we get updates about the device. Till then keep checking LikelyFad for more.

HTC Ocean

So, are you guys excited for the announcement of HTC Ocean??? Do you think it will help HTC to gain it’s reputation back???

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