IMDB Again Reveals the identity of the Villain in The Flash Season 3.

After completing two successful seasons the famous American tv show ‘The Flash‘ has reached to its third season. Like every season this season also has been enjoying huge TRPs and crazy fans from all over the world want to get all the spoiler alerts, all updates, and every other thing related to Flash. So, friends today we are here to share such ‘Season-3 spoilers‘ that are really hard to believe but are true at the end.

As we all know ‘Savitar‘ is the supervillain of this ongoing season but the makers ( Flash ) are trying their best to keep all the details of his character under wraps. However, Recently the renowned Movie rating Website IMDB has accidently revealed in their post that Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon/vibe) will be the ‘Savitar’ in the show. Though they removed the post so quickly but we clicked its screenshot before that. (Swipe to change the images)

Two screenshots are there the Before and after they corrected it.

But as he is Cisco Ramon/Vibe, so maybe the character ‘Savitar’ belongs to some other earth or Timeline. Anyway, at present Flash and his team are trying to save Iris West (Flash’s girlfriend) from Savitar as Flash has seen Savitar killing Iris in the future. Let’s see how he will save her from one of the most powerful villains.

The Flash

TIP: Gorilla Grodd is coming back on the Flash after the next episode titled “Untouchable”. So Stay tuned to Flash

We all are eagerly waiting to see the clash between them. What are your thoughts on the spoiler share us it in the comments below.

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