How to Install Miui 9 for Le 2: Updated, with VoLTE Fix 100%

Miui 9 for Le 2
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So here is the New Updates on both the MIUI ROMs, Check out Below

MIUI 9 ( by Sagar ) got a new update to V7.9.21 check out the Changelog below

Changelogs For V7.9.21

  • updated to MiuiPro 7.9.21
  • fixed Jio massages issue (where we were unable to send or receive SMS on Jio network)
  • VoLTE found 100% stable, but still, needs testing

Though in MIUI 9 by Sagar is stable enough, but VoLTE is still not stable enough, though he provided a fix, you can check that out below.

How to Solve JIO VoLTE Fluctuations

Do as directed to solve every issue

  1. First, check your current ROM if it has stable VoLTE with SMS working then this tutorial is not for you, you can directly flash the ROM as usual.
  2. If you have fluctuations and SMS not working then follow this guide.
  3. First download stock 19s or 21s EUI
  4. Flash this recovery
  5. Go to wipe menu and select system, data, dalvik cache, persist (Important).
  6. Now flash stock ROM
  7. Flash lazyflasher from here
  8. Reboot
  9. You will notice that your sensors are not working.
  10. Download this file
    and use any root explorer to paste it into /persist/sensors folder.
  11. Reboot, now every sensor should be working.Now flash any ROM you want. While flashing roms other than stock, wipe data, dalvik, cache,
  12. Now flash any ROM you want. While flashing roms other than stock, wipe data, dalvik, cache, system only.Enjoy the stable VoLTE.
  13. Enjoy the stable VoLTE.

Also, the MIUI9 by YcJeason is updated on 16-09-2017

Changelog for this roms is as follows

7/9/16 update

  • Bugs removed caused ads pop-up
  • Development version
  • synchronization MIUI update
  • Repair telecommunications 4G network, the real all Netcom (telecommunications + mobile card test)
  • Optimize lock screen notification, call reminder, desktop angle reminder
  • Optimize baseband correlation
  • Optimize system fluency
  • Add a voice assistant, boot up
  • Update the system update
  • Online OTA has been pushed.

Though this ROM doesn’t have VoLTE Support yet, So for JIO Users Sagar is your only Option

According to my Testing the Latest version of Sagar’s MIUI9 is Causing me a serious Battery Drain Issue, So update it at your own Risk.

That’s all for this update, subscribe to Likelyfad for More!


The new version has arrived (By Sagar) and its way more optimised and responsive, with 100% VoLTE fix. Check out the ChangeLog Below.

Changelogs For V7.9.14

  • switching tracks with volume buttons
  • adjusting the elimination of noise in the camera
  • Support for collages and posters in the gallery
  • Minor improvements
  • Volte is a bit stable

Orignal Post

LeEco Le 2 get a working port of Miui 9, there are 2 ROMs for the device and here you will get to know about which ROM to install and why. The ROM is new so there are bugs, which you can find below, and if you don’t have any problem with them, you can install the ROM. So, Check out Miui 9 for Le2 below.

There are 2 versions of the ROM links to the both are listed below, you can check out the XDA Thread for reference.

MIUI 9 for LeEco Le 2 : By Sagar

MIUI 9 for LeEco Le 2 : By  Leeco Le x522 (Better One!)

What’s New In MIUI 9?

  • New redesigned colorful UI and fonts, and a new notification shade which comes with weather information, search bar etc.
  • New MIUI 9 Gallery, Scanner, Camera, Calculator, Notes and much more.
  • Spam/scam message detection
  • The system optimized for power saving and app management, so more power and smoother user experience.
  • Second Space
  • Cloned Apps
  • Slightly new UI
  • New themes and Wallpapers
  • Lightning fast UI

Features of Miui 9 for Le 2

  • Debloated
  • Root Optional
  • In built G-Apps
  • Enough stable for daily use
  • Developer Edition v7.8.28
  • Monthly updates
  • Added support for 4K recording
  • Added support for manual settings in Camera

How to Install Miui 9 for Le 2

  1. Download the latest build of MIUI 9 for Le 2 (Links Below)
  2. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  3. Wipe data, system, cache and Dalvik cache from advanced wipe menu
  4. Flash MIUI 9 for Le 2
  5. Reboot (first boot may take time.)

Bugs in Miui 9 for Le 2

VOLTE some times not working
Missed Call notifications  (Fixed in ROM 2)
Low brightness bug due to stock kernel (Fixed in ROM 2)
Dialer doesn’t show call duration during volte call (Fixed in ROM 2)

Check out the video review of MIUI 9 for Le 2 below

Download Links

ROM 1 (Forum)

ROM 1 Direct zip (UPDATED)

ROM 2 (Forum)

ROM 2 Direct zip

Check out the ROM 2 Forum Link to know about Gapps in MIUI 9 for Le 2.

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