New trailer of Jagga Jaasoos tells us how Jagga is a jaasoos


So, finally, this new trailer of Jagga Jaasoos tells us how this jagga is a Jaassos which was a mystery to us until now. This movie has always been surrounded by the controversies, initially due to the rumored break-up of its lead cast Ranbir and Katrina, then due to its release dates.

The new trailer that surfaced on the internet only a few hours ago gives us an insight into the life of Jagga, a teenage detective. The 3-minute trailer starts with Ranbir’s beat-boxing just like the earlier one but this time we get to know that he suffers speaking disorder so he narrates the story of his heart by singing.

New Jagga Jaasoos Tralier

Jagga Jaasoos

The song in the background tells the reasons of his unusual hair style as well. Jagga has an interest in finding out the reason behind everything and one day when his fellow student commits suicide, Jagga claims that it’s a murder. Another thing that is noticeable is the backstory of Jagga’s dad who is declared dead but later he discovers that he is alive.

Jagga Jassos is all set to hit the big screens on July 14. Watch the new trailer for Jagga Jaasoos if you have not watched it yet.

Days after knowing the fact that Govinda will have a cameo in the film now the reports claim that Sanjay Dutt is also a part of this film. So, the film Jagga Jaasoos is actually filled with so much adventure and mysteries.

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