Japanese Premium brand Lexus lx 450d for India

lx 450d

The Japanese Premium Auto Maker brand ‘Lexus’ has showed its new flagship in the Indian market. Lexus lx 450d comes under SUV segment. The company has done great work on the SUV but it is far behind in terms of technology & features as well. It is ‘not a hybrid car’ yes, you heard right, it’s 2017 and every company is thinking about future with their future technology but it seems Lexus don’t even care about these things​. The company has made this car based on its another car from its another Auto Maker brand Toyota and car is LC200 which is really a land cruiser of the Indian market.

Lexus lx 450d features:

lx 450d

  • It is equipped with 19- speaker Mark Levinson music system.
  • It got the Two 11- inch Infotainment system at the Rear.
  • It got the climate control system which increases the comfort level.
  • It got the Three LED powered headlamps.
  • 18- inch wheels provide massive enhance in looks of car.
  • The company has tried to emphasize their name even on the Tail light.

Lexus lx 450d specifications:

lx 450d

  • It is propelled by 4.5- Litre, V8 Diesel engine.
  • It produces the power of 265 PS.
  • It churns the Max Torque around 650 Nm.
  • It got the 6- speed Automatic Transmission which is quite good.
  • It reaches from 0-100 km/h in just 8.6- seconds and reaches to the Top speed of 210km/h.
  • It got the 4- wheel drive system with 225mm ground clearance.

Lexus lx 450d price & rivals:

lx 450d

According to the Indian market its (Ex-showroom) price is INR 2.32- crore*. Yes it’s quite huge.

In this price segment it will compete with the cars like Range Rover.

So guys what do you think about the Lexus lx 450d, if we will see it on the Indian Roads, tell us your views in the comment box and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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