Jio 251 Cricket Plan: Stream All IPL 2018 matches in HD and Free

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Reliance Jio is effectively the best service we are getting, that actually showed us that the data and call rates can be much cheaper than that we were getting from other Internet Providers. Though, Jio continues their Journey of Free Stuff and launched something for Hardcore Cricket Fans: Jio 251 Cricket Plan, and so much more. What is it?

Check it out below

Jio 251 Cricket Plan

This plan Includes 102GB of Highspeed data for 51 days, which is almost the time IPL will run. With the latest offer, Jio users will be able to stream “almost every live match throughout the duration of 51 days starting April 7”, The IPL cricket season starts on April 7 and will continue till May 27.

Jio 251 Cricket PlanAlso, there is more, Jio is actually doing many things in IPL this time. They launched a Cricket Gold Pass for their Prime Members, which is actually free of cost for Prime Members.

But if you are not a prime member you have to pay Rs251 to get access to that pack.

“This is the first of its kind cricket pack launched by a network that is made for video and can enable millions of people to watch what they love, where they wish,”


Jio 251 Cricket PlanAlso with that Jio launched a Game called Jio Cricket Play, which can be played in 11 languages.

“Spanning 7 weeks and 60 matches, Jio will redefine the second-screen experience through its real-time interaction during the match time. Jio aims to bring people together to celebrate the most loved sport in the country by turning spectators into participants, getting India closer to Cricket, their favourite teams and players by providing an engaging experience for cricket fans in India,”.


That is not it, there will be more, they are also doing a comedy TV show Featuring Sunil Grover, that will be called Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live.

On this Sunil Grover Comments and elaborate, what is this show all about

Jio 251 Cricket Plan

“This is going to be one of my most refreshing characters. I get to collaborate with some of the finest artists like Samir, Shilpa, Kapil and Viru paji to make India Laugh. You will see me as Professor LBW (Lallu Balle Waala) in the show, who is a self-proclaimed cricket expert. Jio is known for changing the game and this time, it’s Cricket. India has never seen Cricket through the lens of humour before, and I am looking forward to batting on this pitch,”

-Sunil Grover

This show can be viewed on My Jio app and is available for both Jio and non-jio users. The show will premier on April 7th, and with Live episodes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So, what do you guys think about Jio 251 Cricket Plan and other new and exciting offers from Reliance Jio, are you a Cricket Fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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