Junk food Pros and Cons which you should know about

junk food pros and cons
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Do you count yourself as a Foodie or love munching Junk Food at least once a day?
Don’t worry if it is true as 70% people might have the same opinion. Now-a-day Junk Food is quite popular and part of our daily food as it is easily available and way tastier than normal food. Especially youth, we are so attracted towards it, that day feels just incomplete without the so-called Junk food. So today we thought to discuss the 10 Junk food Pros and Cons which you should know about. So stay with us and know your food better.

Disadvantages of Junk Food (Cons)

1) Fat And Calories

This is one fact that everyone knows but still, we ignore it for the sake of our taste buds. Junk food has lower nutritional value and higher calories.

Along with the junk food, comes calories. These calories lead us to the road of obesity as it easy to consume but difficult to burn.

A double hamburger with cheese, small french fries, and a large soda adds 980 calories.

2) Higher Cholesterol

Junk food contains a high level of unsaturated fat and cholesterol. According to WHO report, a higher level of unsaturated fat and cholesterol results in higher risk of stroke and chronic disease.

The excess sodium that’s found in most processed food can raise your blood pressure as well as increase the chance that you will develop heart disease.

3) Depression

Junk Food Pros and ConsDepression is one of the most common diseases. And if you think there is no link between your choice of food and your mental health, so let me correct you. There is a very crucial link between good food and brain activity.

Food with higher nutritional value provides much energy to the brain and increases its efficiency. On the other hand, Food with less nutritional value i.e., Junk food provides less energy and makes the person lazy and inactive. This inactivity slowly leads to depression.

4) Lower IQ Level

As mentioned earlier, the Nutritional value of food is directly linked to brain activity. IQ stands for intelligent quotient. IQ tells the intelligence.

According to a test conducted at the University of London, children who eat junk food on day to day basis or more than 3 times a week have lower IQ than those who eat less junk food.

5) Gastrointestinal Problem

junk food pros and consEating junk food also affects one’s digestive system as these type of food lacks fiber in it. Fiber is important for bowels movements which make digestion much faster and easier.

Lack of fiber may cause constipation. When this occurs, you may go for days without having a bowel movement or have difficulty passing stools.

Advantages of Junk Food (Pros)

1) Healthy Lifestyle

Consuming a small amount of junk food can be a part of your healthy lifestyle. But consuming more can make your body suffer in a very harmful way if you will not look around your intake.

2) Varieties

Junk food has many varieties. You can order them according to your taste of spices and your favorite veggies.

3) Availability

Junk food is now available in every single colony. There are many restos where you can have best and hygienic food for yourself.

4) Save Time

The most concerned pro of junk food is that it saves time. In today’s fast-paced life, every single individual likes to have a ready meal to eat.

So next time when you go out to eat or about to order something, keep this cons in your mind and take a wise decision. If you still crave for “Bahar ka khana” and also worried about quality. Here is the list of 5 beautiful Resturant offering great food.

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Have a Great and Healthy day ahead.

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