Kaabil Review: Hrithik Shows his Sheer Brilliance


Kaabil Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Roni Roy, Rohit Roy
Director: Sanjay Gupta
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 2 hours 19 minutes

The Father-son duo has proved it again.

Kaabil Story:


It is a story of a blind couple Rohan Bhatnagar ( Hrithik ) and Supriya Sharma ( Yami ) who were living their life happily. Until one day, when someone rapes Supriya and now Rohan is eager to take revenge despite knowing the fact that he is blind.

Kaabil Review:

Kaabil is a beautifully written movie, where Hrithik gets to showcase his acting skills and he absolutely stunned us. kaabil manages to impress us right from the beginning.  Rohan is a fun loving man, he lives his life at best and one day he meets Supriya a pianist who is also a blind like him. Soon they come close to each other and despite being handicap they live their life full of positivity.


The story manages to easily connect with everyone and you will never know you started feeling happy for them. But a twist comes into this easy-going story when a dastard man Amit rapes Supriya along with his friend and this is where the real story starts. Amit is the younger brother of a local corporator. Therefore no one dares to go against him and police officers refuge to investigate the case.

So, Rohan decides to take brutal punishment using his own smartness and skills. The hard work invested by Hrithik is easily visible here. But the thing that it lacks is a bit of detailing as his ‘mind can see all’ but ours can not. It is a bit difficult to figure out how he actually did this? And then I must say the repeated use of words  ‘andha’ and ‘andhi’ really annoys you.

Yami looks beautiful as Supriya but she had nothing much to do here. The negative characters played by Ronit Roy has done quite a decent job and manages to arouse hate for himself.

Overall this movie is completely a Hrithik show, go for this movie if you want to watch his brilliance.

That’s all for this review, have you watched the film yet??? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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