Kahaani-2, The Wanted Woman ‘VIDYA’


Kahaani-2 Cast: Vidya Balan,Arjun Rampal,Jugal Hansraj
Direction: Sujoy Ghosh
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 2hours 10 minutes

Kahaani-2: Story

Vidya Sinha ( Vidya Balan ) was in shock of her daughter being kidnapped when she suddenly meets a car accident. Sub-inspector Indrajeet ( Arjun Rampal) is Investigating this case, he realizes that this lady(Vidya) is known to him. In fact, she is a wanted in the case of kidnapping and murder with an another identity Vidya Rani Singh. Who Kidnapped Vidya’s daughter and what is the truth behind her dual identity is the movie to watch.

Kahaani-2: Review

After the successive failures of movies like Hamari Aduri Kahani and Ghanchakkar, no one expected such huge come back from Vidya. After the gap of almost 4 years, the duo of Sujoy and Vidya paired up again for KAHAANI-2. It can not be called a sequel as the story is completely different from the first part.


This movie is About a mother who is trying to protect her daughter. The movie starts with Vidya Sinha and her paralyzed daughter, like every middle-class family they too are living a happily by overcoming so many odds in their everyday life. But their happy going life takes an ugly turn When her daughter gets kidnapped. Two different phases of Vidya’s life has been combined very beautifully in this film. One of which tells us how she becomes a murderer and the other shows her struggle to get back her daughter from enemies.

The best thing about this movies is that all the characters of the film look very natural and relatable to real life. Vidya has done the absolutely amazing job as Vidya Rani Singh, the combination of intensity and emotion that she puts into her character is a show stellar. But what came as surprise for us is Arjun Rampal, he is counted among wooden face actors of industry but this reprisal of sub-inspector Inderjeet Singh is a whole new form of his.


Finally, words for the movie is that it is an absolute Jaw dropping thriller and a boon for all mystery movie lovers, especially the first half of the film.

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