Kung Fu Yoga is not something that we expected from them

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Kung Fu Yoga Cast: Jackie Chan, Arif Ahmed, Sonu Sood, Disha Ptani, Amyra Dastur
Director: Stanely Tong
Genre: Action/ Adventure
Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes

Kung Fu Yoga Story:

A renowned archeology professor ( Jackie Chan ) and his team are on a grand search to find a lost treasure of Magadha(India). They get attacked by some mercenary but using his vast knowledge of history and kungfu the professor succeeds to outsmart them.

kung fu yoga

Kun Fu Yoga Review:

Kung Fu Yoga is the first movie to be made under Indo-China co-production treaty. The title of this film was promising a great kung fu and yoga based movie but we did not get what we expected here from Jackie Chan, one of the world’s best action hero.

Jack ( Jackie chan ) teams up with Indian archeologist Ashmita ( Disha Ptani ) and her assistant ( Amyra Dastur) to find the lost treasure but on reaching India he finds that Randall ( Sonu Sood ) also has an eye on the treasure. Randall is the successor of original owners of the treasure.

The movie suffers from the messy storyline, Stanely Tong the award-winning director has stereotyped the Indians here. He has used lions, elephants he has used yoga and all just to indicate the presence of India. Though the charm of Jackie is still present at the age of 62 his action stunts and humor are the only things that force us to watch this movie.

kung fu yoga

Sonu Sood who is playing the baddie in this film lacks that villainous touch in his acting. Disha and Amyra had nothing much to do here though they showcased their talent in whatever chance they got. The Farah Khan choreographed song, where we get to see Chan shaking his legs with the entire cast, is a fun moment.

Overall, the movie fails to stand on our expectations, Watch it at your own risk…

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