LG G6 to feature a Smarter AI and a Bezel-Less Screen


LG G6 is about to launch and we are hearing and seeing quite a lot about LG G6 and today we thought, to sum up, all of the info we know so far into a post so that you guys can know what’s happening. LG has already released 2 teasers for the launch of the device in MWC, we also have leaked renders and images, we got specs, expected release date and price so let’s get started.

LG G6 Specs

  • 5.7-inch HD Display with over 90% of screen to body ratio, 564ppi
  • Octa Core Snapdragon 821 Processor
  • Adreno 540 GPU
  • 4GB/6GB RAM
  • 64GB/128GB Internal Storage, Micro-SD Expandable
  • Dual Rear Camera
  • Waterproof
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat

the specs are rumored and can be different as well, so let’s talk about some that’s official LG released invites of the device for the media, check it out below


According to the invite, LG is showing of the display of LG G6, we already know that the display is bezel-less with over 90% screen to body ratio, with an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio??? it means the phone will be taller, normally phone have 16:9 aspect ratio.

According to sources, LG is calling the display of LG G6 by a name i.e. True Vision. That is because the display will fill up the entire front of the device.

Also, they showed another teaser of LG G6 about being intelligent rather being artificial, check it out


According to the sources the LG G6 will be the first non google smartphone to support Google assistant, but as per the invite it seem like LG did some modification with the software to make it more intelligent, or they are using Amazon Alexa??? or Both, who knows we will find it out on….26th Febuaury.

check out some new leaked images/renders

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