LG V20 to be launched on September 6 with Android N

LG V20

LG is launching the new addition in their all new V series on 6th September in San Francisco. After the V10; which was a big hit because of its second screen module and Dual Front-facing cameras. This time, the LG V20 is coming with Second Screen Obviously and an LG G5 like the design (whether modular or not…we have to wait for that), premium HD audio module, Dual Rear cameras, and Android N!

LG V20 will the first android device to be launched with Android N, So what it’s launching with a new software…what’s a big deal! Everyone is excited about this because traditionally the first device to launch with the latest Android is a nexus. But this time, it’s an LG device. So we have to wait and see how it goes and how LG redesigned the Android N UI for it Own Custom Skin.

LG V20 is a new flagship from LG so it will pack some great hardware in it. So, let’s check out the specs

LG V20 Specs:-LG V20

  •  5.6/5.7 inch Quad HD display
  • Snapdragon 820/821
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dual Rear Camera
  • Dual Front Camera
  • Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type-C
  • HD B&O Audio
  • Optimus UI, Android N

* These are the expected spec sheet, the official specs will be released on 6th September.

We got an Exclusive in the wild shot of the LG V20 showing us the Dual Front cameras and the Big Display (Probably 5.6/5.7 inches)

LG V20

The Price and availability are not known at this point of time but we’ll update as soon we got information on that…to connect with us, do follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

So, did you liked the new LG V20 will you buy is or you think it as another overpriced flagship phone, share your view with us in the comments.

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