Logan Review: ‘The last outing turned out to be the best one’

Logan Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen
Director: James Mangold
Genre: Action
Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes

Logan Story:

The movie is set in 2029 where all mutants have gone and those who are left are on the verge of extension. Logan now an old man with declining healing abilities lives with Charles Xavier who is in his 90’s now. He works as a petty driver and drinks his day away in a hideout near the Mexican border. But his attempts at a hidden life ends after getting embroiled in saving a girl (Laura) from the Villians of his own past.


Logan Review:

Right from the beginning of the movie, you will realize that it is not just another superhero movie. Logan wakes up in a car which is being looted by ruffians but this time it is not an easy fight for him as it used to be earlier. He gets badly beaten up by mere robbers and he almost dies to battle them.

James Mangold has weaved such a beautiful story in the farewell film of Hugh Jackman that it would be remembered as the best movie of the X-men franchise. Much of the film focus on the relation of Logan and Xavier where Logan is more like an angry son who takes care of his old father.

But as we know superheroes are not allowed to take rest so Laura Kinney a.k.a (X-23) comes into the story. She is actually a mini Wolverine with claws like him and lightning fast reflexes. This young girl is being hunted by Donald Pierce(the Villian) and his group. This brings Logan and Xavier into action.


This film is about the relation between characters, we all have seen his mutant side but this movie showcases the human side of Logan that was always the most interesting thing about him. The young girl makes him realize who he really is and how it feels to be a part of a family.

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