Logan Teaser Tralier Released, Wolverine is Back!!!


After the release of the first poster of ‘LOGAN’, we have another good news for all X-men and wolverine fans. Yes, the first teaser trailer of Logan has been released a few hours ago. And it is looking way better than what we were expecting. The third solo movie of X-men’s most favorite character which will be the last outing of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. As we told earlier, this film is loosely based on a comic ‘Old Man Logan‘.

Talking about the trailer, it starts with the chords of legendary Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” from The Downward Spiral in the background. Logan speaks in very weak and low tone, with trembling hands. And it seems that he is losing that healing power that he used to have. we can spot a lot of open wounds visible on his hands and scars on back too.


Professor Charles Xavier asks Wolverine in the background what he has done, as most of the mutants have died, Logan himself is not in good condition and has been surviving somehow because of that healing power. On the other hand, Xavier also is not in good state and Logan has kept him on life support in a safe place.


James Mangold the director of the film has revealed that Stephen Merchant is playing the role of new mutant Caliban, a mutant who helps Wolverine with taking care of Charles Xavier. Anyway, The Reavers a group of evil mutants led by Donald Pierce wants to kill all good mutants.


Well X-23 or Laura also can be seen in this trailer ( Know more about her in our last post on Logan) She is made of the DNA that was collected from Wolverine at the end of X-MEN APOCALYPSE.

Check out the first trailer teaser of LOGAN

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