Maruti Suzuki gift of Diwali for its customers


Maruti Suzuki is a very big Automobile brand in India. Every Indian wants a Maruti Suzuki car in his/her home. It enhances our reputation. Maruti Suzuki is the brand which always provides its best in reasonable price to Indians from about 50-60 years. The company knows very well about the Indian festival especially festival like Diwali. It is a festival in which every Indian wants to enhance their status symbol and Car is the best thing to enhance the status symbol. Maruti Suzuki always provides the best to its customers and again in this Diwali they are giving huge discounts and gift hampers on its Cars to make Diwali more special for Indians.
The company is providing huge discounts mainly on small segment cars just to make middle-class families happy. They are providing discounts on cars like Maruti Suzuki- Alto 800, Celerio, Ritz, Swift & Swift Dzire, Wagon R & Wagon R Stingray.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800:


The company is providing a huge discount on both the Alto 800 & Alto k10 of INR 15,000 on facelift models and INR 30,000 on Pre-facelift models. The company is also taking care of the customers which are exchanging their cars or want to exchange their cars.

The company is providing exchange bonus of INR 20,000 on both the models.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz:


From the launch day of Ritz, the car has got lots of appreciation as well as lots of customers. The company knows the demand of car very well and they are offering huge discounts.Variants       15,000 INRLXI                25,000VXI(AT)        15,000ZXI
The company is giving exchange bonus discount of INR 40,000.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio:

celerio The company is already providing discounts on Celerio but for the festive season they have increases the discount of INR 20,000 on ZXI(AMT), VXI(AMT) variants and INR 10,000 on other variants.

The company is providing exchange bonus discount of INR 20,000.

Maruti Suzuki Swift & Swift Dzire:

Swift is the most selling hatchback of the swift

Company and they are also providing huge discounts on this hatchback of INR 10,000.

Exchange bonus discount of
Swift Dzire is providing a discount of INR 10,000 and exchange bonus of INR 15,000.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R & Wagon R Stingray:

The company is providing huge discount on family car Wagon R:


Maruti Suzuki wagonr

Variant           INR
CNG                15,000

Non-CNG       20,000

Exchange bonus of INR 30,000.
The company is also providing huge benefits on Wagon R Stingray:
Variant            INR
LXI                   35,000
LXI(O)             35,000
AGS VXI          20,000
AGS VXI(O)    20,000
The exchange bonus of INR 35,000.

So, guys what do you think about this Diwali are you going to buy a Maruti Suzuki car in this Diwali. Tell us your views in the comment box and follow us on all social sites and stay updated to technology.

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