Sensational Colour Series by Maybelline. Trendy Lipsticks

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Hey, guys. today I  wanna talk about the brand Maybelline. I am sure you are familiar with this brand. so I will let you know about the different shades of lipsticks and what basically is it and what are its benefits and off course how to apply it. That I am sure you know. let’s talk about sensational and always beautiful looking color on lips, Red no doubt. Maybelline has launched so many shades of color red but today I’m gonna share about one shade i.e ravishing rouge.

What Qualities Do Lipsticks Have?

First: As in Maybelline has described it, it stays on ur lips for 14 hours. its long lasting and light weight. It gives you beautiful finish to your lips.

As we are so concerned with the variety and the quality of the product. we always look for the best quality and as my personal experience, I hardly find the best lipstick that will suit my lips and didn’t make any damage to my lips. some lipsticks take away all the nourishment and you feel irritated. your all attention goes to how to get away from the itchiness. so its very important for you to choose a best brand and quality of the product. make sure that product has the chemical in low amount or doesn’t have any chemical. Try to choose that product which gives any benefit to your lips.

How To Apply It

Usually when girls apply it. It reaches to their face easily. As my personal experience sometimes I get to hear from people…. that you have a mark of your lipstick on your face and honestly that is the most awkward time I have ever faced. so I have the best solution for it. first, apply a lip liner it will help you to stay your lipstick on lips only .after that apply lipstick on your lips. if you try this method it will surely make your lips look smarter.and one more thing I wanna share that try to avoid extra lipstick to your lips otherwise it will stick to your teeth. Shades Of Maybelline Red Lipstick

Maybelline Ravishing Rouge Price And Availability

These lipstick are available in various colors series.

For Rs. 6,257 

You can buy it from Amazon.

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