MTV Troll Police will create awareness on cyberbullying

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The issue of Cyberbullying is larger then it seems, last week a 14 years old Australian girl Akubra Amy who was a victim of cyberbullying has committed suicide. Trolling people online has become a habit of internet users as it is very easy to bully anyone while being anonymous. But now it’s the high time to speak up and fight against this social evil. MTV Troll Police is an upcoming reality TV show that will address this serious issue.

MTV Troll Police

Troll Police

The concept of this show is based on a concept where celebrities who have been bullied online will do a face-off with their trollers. The show will be hosted by youth icon Ranvijay Singha and a panel of cyber experts will trace the trolls against the guest celebrities.

Talking about this show ‘Troll police’ Ranvijay stated that “As they say with great power comes great responsibility, I really feel that while the internet has given us the power to voice our opinion, there are a lot of people who do not use this boon wisely. But if one feels that one can hide his or her identity and use it as a platform to send inflammatory and off-topic messages and get away with it, it is absolutely wrong. It is a sign of cowardice. I hope ‘Troll Police’ enables a lot of people out there to voice their issues if they are being trolled because trolling someone is a serious offense.”

The prime objective of this show is to edify the youth of our nation that bullying someone or commenting on their physical appearance is not only a crime but also the mental trauma that a victim suffer after being bullied.

The show is all set to premiere on MTV from 13th of January and actress Tapsee Pannu will the first celebrity guest on the show. Watch the trailer of Troll Police here.

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