All you need to know about Custom Roms

Custom ROMs

You may enjoy the Software that comes preloaded on your device, but have you ever wonder… can I change it?? or do some modification with it. Today I will let you know about some Custom Softwares or rather I say Custom ROMs for your devices to play with. So let’s get started.

What are Custom ROMs

A ROM, for those who don’t know, is an operating system build that runs on your device with basic applications such as a Phonebook, Dialer, calendar, camera, etc.

The Custom Roms are just a variation to the AOSP build that runs on your device, that allows you to modify your system as much you want and make it as you like.

But What’s AOSP?Custom ROMs

AOSP means Android Open Source Program. It is basically the source code of the Android Operating system by Google, which is available to everyone. Developers can modify the Source as they like and make a bootable ROM out of it, with some extra features that the Pure Android still not have. Other companies also release their Source Codes for Developers like Oneplus, Xiaomi etc……There are some other companies that are so proclaiming of their system, that they don’t want it to get copied or to be available to all other smartphones….*Cough* SAMSUNG *Cough*

But thanks to the AOSP we have some cool Custom Roms for tons of devices like Cyanogenmod, MIUI, Paranoid Android etc.

So this leads us to…

Advantages of Custom Roms

Updates for your Smartphone

Custom ROMs

Everyone can’t change their phones just because of the fact that their smartphone is not getting any further software update from the manufacturer. There are some people that are lazy enough that they don not want to transfer their data to another phone every year (like me). That’s where Custom Roms helps to solve our issue.

Custom Roms uses the official codification of Android as well as a compatible driver for smartphones. This keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest version of Android. And it’s not difficult for a custom ROM to be more updated than the original firmware.

The Phone is Faster

Custom ROMs

This is one of the best advantages of Custom Roms. Your smartphone will faster after installing a Custom Rom…You will feel the speed…As the applications that come preloaded on your Phone are gone and there is more internal storage available and freer RAM…you can guess now what will happen.


Custom ROMs

The Third Party Roms not only makes you phone faster and keep you up to date with the LATEST ANDROID VERSION it also gives you tons of customization options like theming your device, hiding the annoying icons on the status bar and much more.

You have Root Access

Custom ROMs

With root access, you have control over all of the functions of your device. With the original Android, some functions are hidden. Now the modified firmware gives you unlimited access to all the features of your smartphone. Furthermore, backups are performed more easily.


With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility“….this line is of no use in this topic…but it’s a great line. Nevermind

If you decide to change the preloaded software with the one you want you should familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of the process.

Your Warranty will be VOID

Custom ROMs

If your phone is under warranty and you decide to install a Custom Rom and then you mess things up and take your phone to the service center, they will just laugh at you…that’s right, When you try to modify the original system modules the company will not let you do that and, still if you do that they will not help you any more until you buy a new smartphone from them. There is some exception like Oneplus and Xiaomi though.

It’s a Mess…a BIG ONE!

Custom ROMs

You will have fun playing with the Custom Roms, but the first time you installed the Roms on your device get ready for these:

Can’t connect to camera
System UI is not responding
Random Reboots
Unstable Nightly Updates
and much more!

These are some of the error I get when I try to install a new ROM on my Devices….I have a lot of Patience!

This ain’t happen every time, you can enjoy by installing a stable build.

Lack of Google

Custom ROMs

Google gave you the code to their software but it doesn’t provide the assistance. You have to flash a GAPPS package after the Roms you flashed to get you favorite Google Apps running.

You can get the Latest GAPPS Package from

Is there any Custom ROMs for my Device?

That’s a very good question. You can check that your smartphone have any Custom Rom or not on

That is it for this post, I will post some of the best Custom ROMs to install on your device later. Till then subscribe to LikelyFad to get updates on my latest post via Email. If you liked the Post share it with your friends!

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