Watch Barack Obama’s Cameo in the new Deadpool 2 trailer

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Right now the Marvel fans are in Seventh Universe as they are getting back to back unexpected treats from them. And the new addition to their treat list is The new Deadpool 2 trailer that has been released by the Marvel Studios only a few hours ago and it gives you a better look at this upcoming Deadpool sequel. David Leitch directed this movie is currently ranked as the third most anticipated movie with 4.16/5.00 ratings in the The other two are obviously Avengers 3 and Avengers 4.

New Deadpool 2 trailer

new deadpool 2 trailer

This 2-minute 39-sec trailer has so many unexpected things in it and the biggest of them is X-Force. So, this simply means that the upcoming Avengers 3 and 4 will not only the sole superhero team-up film that we are gonna watch this summer. Unlike the first trailer, it gives us a much clear idea of what to expect from the film. The whole trailer comprises of violence and breathtaking action scenes.

As the Villian Cable has arrived and he is after a very powerful mutant kid. It looks like there is nothing that can stop his force, even our hero Deadpool also looks Vulnerable in front of him. When he realizes that he alone can’t take on Cable, he assembles a few mutant superheroes and names them the X-Force. Apart from this, the speculations around Professor Charles Xavier cameo in the film has also been confirmed in the trailer.

Brack Obama Cameo

Yes, the 44th president of USA Barack Obama is also has a cameo in this trailer. I am sure most of you didn’t notice this but the scene where Professor-X has introduced in the trailer the portrait of Barack Obama along with Abraham Lincon can be seen on the Wall.

The movie is all set for a worldwide premiere on 18th May 2018. Watch this new Deadpool 2 trailer here if haven’t watched it yet.

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