Here are the 16 New Features in iOS 12 you Should Know About

New Features in iOS 12
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With over a dozen New Features in iOS 12, Apple has put more focus on making it current devices more faster and secure. With updates being rolled out to every iPhone capable of running iOS 11 older phones will also benefit from the new iOS 12.

As said before we were expecting a bit of hardware announcement too but this WWDC we only got the taste of all the new features, performance boost, and new software. Apple has shown us over the years that they are not going to leave the support of their older device like what other companies do.

With over 80% of adaptation rate of the mobile operating system onto the devices and over 90% of satisfaction rate of iOS from the customers, Apple is pretty much confident about its new update.

There are some really cool and some much needed improvements are made this year. Apple is may not be trying to beat Android in sense of software usability or they never did intended the same but one thing is sure with this WWDC that Apple is not going to fall behind any other company.

Let’s have a look at the New Features in iOS 12.

1) Grouped Notifications

New Features in iOS 12One of the most annoying features which were carried over by every iOS since iOS 7 was how notifications were shown in a list rather than in a group of similar type. Those days are now gone when your Instagram and Twitter notifications used to take up all the space in the notification center making notifications from other apps hard to find.

But with iOS 12 Grouped Notifications all the notifications from different or same apps will be intelligently grouped by topic, thread, the app in the notification center now and you can clear a notification thread just by swiping left. Isn’t that what Apple should have done a couple of years back?

2) Siri Smarter Than Ever

New Features in iOS 12In the year 2011, we were introduced to the most amazing and intelligent Virtual Assistant which helps us through our day getting things done. With over “10 billion” requests per month, Siri is world’s most used digital assistant (“and how many of these were accidental triggers we don’t know”).

From suggesting “texting your friend” because you are gonna be late for the meeting to making a coffee order from your usual coffee place, Siri will have more impact on your life than ever. With “Shortcuts app” you will be able to assign quick actions to Siri. These will be used with third party apps or native both where you can add a customized quick action to Siri as a shortcut and invoke it when you need it right into the Siri UI.

3) “Do not disturb” on Steroids

New Features in iOS 12When you are studying or watching a movie or sometimes in the middle of the night when you just wake up and look at your phone maybe just to check the time and you see Notifications lined up which keeps you from going back to sleep.

This new Do Not Disturb app will intelligently quite down all the notifications and will keep away all the distractions. With the variable timer, you can even set for how much time you don’t want to get disturbed by those annoying notifications.

So now when you are trying to concentrate on something and you pick up your phone for the purpose of only checking the time, you will only see the time.

4) News App

News app now has a whole new browse tab, where you can find your favorite channels to get the news from and can find best recommended for you. Hand curated news by Apple’s news team on the news app to keep you updated with all the important things going around. And If you have an iPad you can even take advantage of the new split sidebar in news app.

5) Stocks App

With a totally new revamp design “Stocks app” with whole day market performance charts with the stock prices. It only looks much better than ever.

Not only this, you will be getting News integrated into Stocks app which will feature business news directly into the Stocks app without letting you switch the app to read related news.

6) Apple Books (not iBooks)

New Features in iOS 12With a fresh new update to the looks new apple books (iBooks) app, a preview of what you were reading or where you left off “reading now”. A new look to the books store making it more easier to browse through your books and ebooks.

7) 40% Faster App Launch

New Features in iOS 12iOS 12 will not only be focusing on security features only but also be making devices faster and more responsive by making the usual app launch speed up to up to 40% faster in the older devices such as iPhone 6 Plus.

Native and third-party apps will be launched much faster than ever now. But the question here arises is its gonna compromise with the processor which eventually will make the battery life lesser. We will know when the first beta will roll out.

8) 50% Faster Keyboard Display

New Features in iOS 12Everyone has noticed a couple of milliseconds of delay in the keyboard. Though it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you actually start working with it you notice it very well that how slow they keyboard shows up.

With new iOS 12 update, we are told to get a 50% faster keyboard display that means the milliseconds’ delay will be cut down to half.

9) 70% Faster to Camera

New Features in iOS 12iPhone’s camera has always been the biggest competitors in the market and with a solid hardware, a smooth and faster interface is required.

So, Apple has finally announced that with iOS 12 update we will be able to open the camera app 70% faster, which will be equal to snap of an eye. No more missing perfect shots and moments.

10) Enhanced Photo App

New Features in iOS 12Photos app in the new iOS 12 is getting a new face uplift with some amazing features and add-ons to it.

Imagine you clicked pictures of your pet dog which you wish to print it for its birthday but forgot when you took that photo so instead of scrolling through your whole library to find that photo apple has introduced a new feature called “search” which will be a machine learning based search suggestion that will automatically pull out the images of your pet dog as soon as you put “dog” into the search bar. With this search, we will get a search suggestion too.

All new tab “ For You” which will feature photos you took that day past year or new effect suggestion and portrait mode suggestion which I guess will be limited to iPhones with dual camera setup.

And finally an awaited feature “sharing suggestions” which will give smart suggestions for sharing photos. Shared out of the iCloud library with the full resolution having end to end encryption on iMessage.

11) Memoji- Your Animated Self

New Features in iOS 12Select skin, hairstyle, head shape, eye color, lips etc to make the emoji look like you hence called Memoji. Now you can make your own personal Memoji which will be a cartoonish version of your real face.

12) Tongue Detections with new Animojis

New Features in iOS 12Four new Animojis Ghost, Kuala, tiger and T-Rex that are introduced in iOS 12 with tongue detection technique to track the movement of your tongue making it more live and fun to use.

13) Group Calling in Facetime

New Features in iOS 12A big leap forward for facetime as new group facetime is introduced in new iOS 12. Add up to 32 people to have a group chat with people who matter to you. to reflect prominence in the conversation the tile of one the speaker will get larger automatically.

14) Screen Time

New Features in iOS 12Know how much time you are spending on your phone with full insights and control over it. All the information you need to know such as your app usage, your pickup time that is how often you are picking up your phone and what apps sending most notifications to you will be recorded and shown by this app to help you optimize your time.

15) App Limit

New Features in iOS 12Set a timer to the apps which you want to limit the use of and you will get a reminder when the time of using the app is almost up. The app will be overcast by an animation telling that times up, you can grant yourself more time and the remainder will come later.

You can sync this across your devices such as iPads.

16) Allowance

New Features in iOS 12Time has come when you will be able to have a total control over your child’s phone and its app usage too. The Allowance feature gives you the power to control the features and apps on your children’s iPhone limiting their usage of apps.

With this, you will get a feature called “Downtime” where you can control when to restrict the iPhone apps.

App limits will set limits to the apps either by category or by individual app.

Some apps should be always allowed so some apps will be put into “ always allow” section.

Last but not the least the “content and privacy” where you can control the content such as a movie, apps, and website you think that are age appropriate.

So, these were some of the New Features in iOS 12 we saw in the WWDC Keynote 2018 and I am sure there will be many more, but we have to wait till the first beta goes live.

Till then let us know what are your thoughts about New Features in iOS 12, which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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